Grapefruit Cranberry Fizz


A Pretty Yet Powerful Drink

Are you a multi-faceted woman?  I know that I am.  There is the part of me that is very feminine, wearing dangling earrings, heels, and a little black dress.  The other part of me isn't afraid to take on chores, such as installing shelves or shoveling our (very long) driveway after a snowstorm.  On a recent weekend night, I wanted to create a drink that was multi-faceted.  I wanted it to look pretty in a chilled martini glass, but I also wanted a serious drink.  What I created was just that. ...more

A Hint of Cranberry

This time of year a hot drink is a nice way to enjoy the after-dinner hours.  However, there also is something to be said about a drink that has a hint of cranberry flavor.  For me, cranberry is a wonderful flavor that makes me think of fall. So, on a recent chilly night, instead of making a pot of coffee and adding a little something to it, I decided to concoct a martini that included cranberry juice.  I didn't want to go with something tried and true, such as a Cosmopolitan.   ...more

Fantastic drink, however I combined the vodka and the raspberry liqueur with this amazing more

How Cranberry Juice Works

Today, we’ll dive into more detail about a great home remedy that really works to prevent and sometimes treat bladder infections.  Disclaimer: And, no I don’t work for the cranberry juice coalition or Ocean Spray, this is not a sponsored post. ...more

As a person living with more

Cranberries -- Healthy Defense

The advice to drink pure cranberry juice for urinary infections has been around for a long, long time. Of course, the pure stuff (very tart) is best. The February 2008 issue of ALTERNATIVE HEALTH arrived this week. A small article in this publication touted this same berry for not only E. coli, and Streptococcus mutans, but also as a defense against H. pylori bacteria. Translated that all means that this little red berry may be very useful on the defense against urinary tract infections, tooth decay, ulers, stomach cancer, stroke and heart disease. That's pretty impressive! ...more