What Makes a Great Mom?

A little over a month ago, I wrote a post about being a crappy mom. I also posted it on the BlogHer site, like I often do....more

Just Wait: You'll Be a Crappy Mom Someday, Too

I see you. I see you standing in the grocery line with your short shorts (and your no cellulite legs) and your sorority t-shirt. I see you standing there, looking frustrated because of the long line, reading your OK magazine. Do you know what else I see? I see "the look" on your face that says you think I'm a crappy mom. I'm standing in the same long line, but instead of leisurely reading a magazine, I'm trying to keep three kids from tearing the place apart or bothering the other grocery store patrons. ...more
mammatoanonly Thank you for your thoughts!  The point of this post is that even when our ...more

I Am a Crappy Mom

According to my 20-something childless self, I am a crappy mom. Before I had my two boys, I had a vision of the kind of mother I would be. The reality has turned out nothing like that pretty picture in my young head. ...more
I was absolutely delusional before I had my girls.  My oldest just turned 2 today, and I'm ...more