How to Dress a Crate & Barrel Basque Dining Chair

Many, many months ago, we purchased a lovely mango wood dining table and chair set. Mango wood is a soft wood, which if you have children who love to play rough will leave a love mark on the wood…forever. I know with young children it’s inevitable, but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t try to make beautiful yet versatile chair covers to meet the needs of a busy family....more

Get the Look for Less: Crate-and-Barrel-Inspired Coral Floral Pillow

I crave colors when spring starts, which is why I love the Julian Orange Pillow from Crate and Barrel: A punch of orange and hot pink, it's perfect for a girl wanting to add a splash of color. Here's my take on an easy, homemade pillow inspired by this look! ...more

Post #13, Crate and Barrel "Hunter Trunk"

Hello ladies!Today's blog is a little different in the fact that I am focusing more on the "lifestyle" past of it and writing about furniture.Don't worry, I have plenty of beauty & fashion related items to post about but I really wanted to share my semi-recent furniture purchase with you!I have had the Hunter Trunk for a couple of months now and absolutely love it! My review recounts how, exactly, I acquired the trunk (hint; I saved money) and a review of the trunk itself! Come check it out &  learn more!<3...more