Overwhelmed with Joy and Craving

Yesterday I held fresh books in my hands. Fresh, meaning, not dust covered, or tried and true. Hot off the press, right there on the shelf at the book store, and now in my hand. No children running amok in the store. I could actually focus all my attention on the books all around me....more
I loved the new Dave Eggers book it is definitely worth the purchase and it's cover is beautiful.more

Uncomfortably Numb

I haven't felt like myself lately. I’ve been sort of numb. maybe that explains the eating. It’s not that I’ve been pigging out - just being mindless...candy and popcorn at night and a little extra of things. But it adds up to stagnancy and leaves a film on my mind of self-hatred. And that builds up - soap scum of existence. ...more

Arm Yourself against Temptation

You can find this post and others like it at http://liveitouteveryday.blogspot.com. If I’m going to make it the next 3 weeks, I’m going to need a serious arsenal to deal with temptation.  I’ll tell you, I grab a coffee most mornings at the café in my building at work, and they serve the most delightful Chocolate Chip Espresso Coffee Cake.  Yeah.  I’ve got temptation staring me in the face. So how do you deal with cravings and temptations when they’re knocking down your door?  In a previo...more


 Back in the States, not only  I was  counting down the days before departure to Davao, Philippines, I was also fantasizing about what food I'm going to finally chow down. Truthfully, I tell you, it was just pure fantasy then. I had imagined all the Filipino food that I had missed for such a long time finally being laid upon my very eyes, right on my table....more

Day 1: Mind Over Matter!

      Good morning! This is DAY 1, the absolute first day of setting my "Thinspiration Plans" off! WHEW! I'm not going to lie, I am already feeling like I just have to have a bowl of cookie cereal (which I hate) filled to the brim with milk, or like I really should just eat those frozen pancakes that my husband bought for the kids. WHAT? I don't look at these things twice any other day. Seriously, body? Are you kidding me? This is how you want to start things off? Well, I'm not falling for your tricks or pleas for sugar or fat....more