Enough with the 'Mompetition' already

So, my boy started crawling 4 days ago.He's 10 months old...for another few days anyway.Go ahead. It's okay...you can one-up me.My kids are late crawlers (among other things) and I'm okay with it because I have officially withdrawn myself from the Mompetition....more

Sunshines new tricks - milestones at 10 months

So for those of you that don’t know.  Sunshine is almost 10 months old now.  She can crawl really fast, and even faster when you call her name.  She loves going near anything that is “electricity”.... READ MORE...more

The Cuddling Rebellion: The Bittersweet Transition from Baby to Toddler

So this is why you get pregnant again!! ...more

You have nailed it. This is totally why I want another baby. Good work, detective!


It's all coming so fast, the changes, the milestones

Last week marked the beginning of the kiddo pulling himself into a standing position. Before, it was just to the knees. Now it’s standing and wobbling. A lot of wobbling. It’s funny, actually. He’ll crawl over to the couch, end table, or even his playpen, and pull himself up. And he’ll stand there for a bit, babbling and looking for things to grab or knock over. ...more