DIY Crayon Roll

I always find it hard to think of creative and useful gifts for younger cousins. One thing younger kids tend to use is crayons, but they always fall out of the box. The best solution? A crayon roll:)  ...more

Are Pinterest Valentines Making Us Devalue Our Kids' Ideas?

Rumor has it that Valentine's Day is this week. I know this because my Instagram feed is full of the craftiest, shiniest, glitteriest, cutest-saying-est Valentines I have ever seen. Anne at Floral Showers decided to go with the heart-shaped melted crayon craft for her daughter to give out, complete with a cute little saying that she found online. Her daughter had a different idea, but scrapped it when Anne raised an eyebrow. It got Anne thinking about many things we teach our kids about giving and their own ideas. It's definitely a must-read for this holiday. ...more
Eh.. Anything you do with your child is an EXPERIENCE for them. Their way.. your way.. who ...more

Just a crayon

Crafting a Life: Kids Crafty Tutorials

"There's nothing to do." "We're bored." "How many days until we go ...?" These -and similar complaints - are the true signs of summer. Children left to their resources can quickly run out of ways to amuse themselves. I'd be willing to bet that with schools closing because of the H1N1 influenza, some parents and caretakers are already hearing these refrains. With that in mind, I've searched out some simple to more complicated crafty tutorials to keep the whole family entered for an afternoon. ...more