Savory Summer Corn

What a weekend! If you haven't noticed yet by looking around on the blog today, I was a busy girl last Saturday and Sunday. Now that most of my branding is complete, I can finally put it to use. That means I'm pretty much in what I like to refer to as computer hell. Eventually, I will either learn, pay someone else to do it, or just bang my head about fifty times on my keyboard as Brenna stares at me wondering why humans are so screwy....more
Wow ! i can't stop myself to commenting on this post by looking these yummy corns.I will ...more

Your College Boyfriend(s): Post-Grad Reminiscing

Forgetting things is second nature. Birthdays, grocery lists, deadlines. So why can’t you manage to forget these guys ever existed? ...more

new thoughts regarding a mental patient

And I don’t - by any means- mean to insult all psychiatric in-patients, (in fact sometimes I wish I could have a little rest in a place where I’d have therapy and activities every day, plus people would remember my meds and adjust them if necessary), but just shine a light on the eerie similarities, or somehow make a correlation between the spouse of my mother and a fucking lunatic......more

God take me to a new place.......

Im still praying for that crazy faith.I wan't God to take me into my Canaan. But how?  I have a lot of role models  in the bible...ladies like Esther, Hannah and Ruth. They had lots of faith. If faith could be measured in tonnes i would say they had million tonnes of faith. They didn't stop serving God whatever situation they went into. Their stories have added spice into my transparent journey.  I am always praying for that same amount of faith. Honestly i want God to take me to a new place....more

Sharing My Crazy

Why is it that I think of tons of things to write about when I'm not actually writing?  Like, I'll be sitting with Husband and think, "ooohhh that would be a great blog!"  And then when I sit down, "ZAP!" there's nothing.  There is a big hole in my head where all those great ideas were. "Write them down," you say...or you would say if you were in my head. ...more

I Talk To Fruit

I give them one last heartfelt look before delivering the news.“Ok guys, it’s time to say good-bye. You’ve been wonderful beyond belief. You’ve allowed me to see things I wouldn’t have otherwise seen—you’ve shown me the world. This good-bye isn’t because you’ve fallen short—on the contrary—you’ve been a vision of beauty. I’m saying good-bye because my eye doctor reminded me that you’re 2-week disposables and you’ve worn out your welcome.”...more

Crazy love

I debated on whether or not to write this post because I don’t want it to get taken the wrong way. But I’m sure it will. So let me start by saying this: The love I have for my children is huge, unconditional and just plain amazing. God didn’t have to give me children, but He did and I am forever grateful because they are His children that I’m taking care of. I will always be here for them. I would die for them in a heartbeat. I will always love them, encourage them and support them.Are we clear? Okay....more

Whose got spirit!

I was a cheerleader in college and for the first couple of years of school I didn't really interact with basketball players outside of games. I dabbled my junior and senior year.  ...more


"If God had wanted us to stay on the ground, he would have given us roots."  That's my quote of the week. Yesterday I jumped out of an airplane at 14,000 ft and free fell at 120 miles per hour for 60 seconds. And it was AWESOME.  Guess who's new favorite thing is skydiving??  I'm definitely doing that again. ...more