In Pursuit of Crazy Eyeris: Down but Not Out

So, here's what happened.I panicked.Remember how I went to the first open practice and was less-than thrilled with my "skilz?"...more

In Pursuit of Crazy Eyeris: Ready for a Derby Girl Beating

My first open skating session before Freshmeat workshops begin is exactly one week away. ILWR offers two open skate sessions prior to Freshmeat workshops. During these sessions I will learn basics such as form, falls, stops, and strength training.The next time I write about Crazy Eyeris, I will be heading off to skate that night. And now I’m more excited than nervous.As you all know I’ve been worried about my skating (in)abilities, but of course you know I was pro-active about the situation.Crazy Eyeris meets shit head-on, and she dares you to get in her way....more
@Laine Griffin @victorias_view We need to think up a Derby name for fact we all need ...more

Rock that body

@Laine Griffin ARE. Too cool. But, I have to tell you that after seeing Elaine's ...more