Repeat after Me, Don't Repeat What Mommy Says

I have had (see how that was past tense, you’ll know why in a second) a habit of saying things when my kids were around that in hindsight I probably shouldn’t have. I was not aware that they were actually listening or I would have not said anything in the first place. I am sure everyone has had this, at least I hope so. One day though I realized my kids do listen, and that they will repeat what I say....more

Update on the crazy

It’s been a while since I really said anything about the cogs and wheels in my brain case.Stuff has changed. How’s that for vague?Mostly things are better. I have found calm where there was…less than none.I don’t really know how. That should totally be something I could just spill out, right? It should be a logical progression. Breathing techniques. Colors and crystals, meditation and sex. Positive affirmations.Maybe it’s all of that. Maybe it’s none of it....more

sparkling pink unicorns

I sometimes wonder what religion must sound like to non-believers.  This whole “I live for Jesus” business a big fat excuse so that bonnet-clad women won’t feel so bad about their lot in life, selling rosemary soap and black currant jelly, sitting on rickety wooden seats next to their overbearing husbands.  To those who haven’t been raised in church, or even worse, have been burned by the allegedly faithful, religion a hard pill to swallow. I get it.  It rings false.  It’s just something to make us all feel good in the dark, cold nights....more
The soul knows what it knows.  A beautiful expression of faith and meaning in life. Thank you ...more

Decisions, Decisions: Mr. Snake in the Road

Today, I took a walk. Nature intervened. Literally. As usual, I made a funny out of it for my latest blog post:   Cindy Brown ...more

Conversations with Max

I. To Start the Day...more

So much to do!

As Thanksgiving draws closer the pile of projects grows quite large.  I am knitting, crocheting, baking, and pulling my hair out.  I'm trying to get it all done now so I don't have to do it later.  Too bad I should have had this philosophy in July.Sigh....more

Help! My Mother-in-Law Is Psycho!

My mother-in-law is a psycho. She wants to spend time with my kids, but she uses the time at our house to tear through their closets and throw away baby clothes that I have saved while also telling my kids what a bad housekeeper I am. My house is pretty clean, but she points out any little thing I've missed. The kids are usually miserable around her and tell me everything she's said about me. Is there a way to cut her out of our lives without moving to another state?...more

How Anal Are You? I Bet You Can't Beat This Level of Crazy:)))

Some higher power seems to be pointing out my anal quirks with urgent persistence lately; it’s been hard for me not to notice the things that drive me crazy. I decided it’d be fun to list the few I couldn’t or almost couldn’t help noticing this week and hope you’d also share yours so I don’t feel exceptionally abnormal. This morning I was putting the lid on my coffee cup in the break room when it struck me: the way it works, the lid opening always has to face what I assume to be the front of the cup or it’s just not right and I cannot drink my coffee....more

Saturday Morning Dreams

Saturday morning already?I guess I will get this out of the way today and tell you about some of the cruh-azy dreams I had last night....more

Does A Mother Ever Stop Mothering? (Please Say Yes)

My mom stopped by this morning, theoretically so we could talk about Little’s wedding and Middle’s upcoming cross-country move. But it quickly devolved into me crying with my head in her lap, summing up in glorious detail how I was completely overwhelmed, and sucked the fat one with my ability to manage three kids, and I didn’t even know what to do with myself in the three minutes of my day where I wasn’t breaking up a fight, feeding someone, or cleaning something up. And Who The Fuck invented this whole summer business and for the love of God, WHY?...more
Great post! I could really feel your pain today when my husband and I decided we should never ...more