New house, new business, same chaos!

Well first I'll introduce myself a little! I'm Liz, mum of two, soon to be divorced and now living with my partner in sunny Brisbane. He works for The Gummint, I'm in the last year of a Diploma of Photoimaging and starting my small business, Red Boots Photographic. The two little monkeys in the photo are R & B our rotten, beautiful, infuriating, creative boys....not twins, worse....14 months apart. I was 19 and stupid, what can I say. Anyway, this blog is my umpteenth attempt to discipline myself enough to sit down for 15 minutes daily and write....more

I Love My Kids ..... just not at the same time

I love my boys, I truly do, just not together!  One is four and the other fifteen months.   Now that the youngest is walking, they don’t leave each other alone!  I’m constantly splitting up fights and protecting certain toys from the other child.  I’m loosing my mind!  ...more


Another Day, Another DollarAnother Panty left to Wash :) Has your lover ever started something and then just got to tired to finish it? Well, tonight's  a good (GOOD:) example of what i'm talking about. Let me set it up for you. ...more

Another Day, Another Dollar


The Clean, The Dirty and the Ridiculous

I am a cleanaholic. I clean to the point of marital discord at times. It is a sickness that is inbred and has formed over previous generations and was reluctantly passed down to me. The older I get, the more I need things to be clean and in order. Now, don’t get me wrong….I’m not like Jack Nicholson in As Good As It Gets washing-my-hands-10,000-times-a-day crazy, but I may be close. If there was a Nobel Peace Prize for cleanliness as a disorder I would certainly be a front runner. I believe a clean house is a sign of personal pride....more

Volunteering for Vomit


The Beginning

SO. ...more

Before You Call Me Crazy...


I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Liz Grover Twitter ...more

Crazy Nutty Women Inspire

Yes she is nuts, Yes she doesn't take her cue from anyone but herself but that is what I love about her.Do you have a Crazy Nutty Woman that inspires you? Does she make you think that yes you can do more. Does she make you feel fearless around her? ...more

Iced Tea, anyone?

Do you remember a while back when that email was circulating with the joke on it about how a man's bedtime routine differs from a woman's? He says he's going to bed, he brushes his teeth, gets into his PJ's, turns out the light and he's out. She says she's going to bed and then finds 100 things that still need doing before she turns in. Such is my life. All he asked for was a glass of iced tea. That's all. A two minute task at best, right?! ...more

Signs He's A Nut, Loser or In Need of Prayer

1. He does not support himself - exclusively. After 18, parents in the United States are not obligated to support adult children! 2. He curses and swears (period). 3. Mistreats his mother or other women in his life. 4. He expresses no interest in your kid(s). 5. He doesn't value your time (i.e. late, lies about when hexll call, etc.) 6. Hexs trying to sleep with you. (You respect yourself and demand that he do the same) 7. He puts his work before you. 8. He is has a violent streak (or he has an angry disposition) ...more