Cream of Mushroom Soup Goes Vegan

This is an elegant soup, perfect for a first course when you want to show off without working too hard. Or go for a great big bowl full and call it dinner, because a little taste just might not be enough.  Cream of Mushroom Soup ...more

Green of Mushroom Soup

I know it's a weird sounding name, but it's exactly what it is, green, and mushroomy—and really, really good. I don't know about you, but around here, if I make a pot of amazing soup, and offer salad to go with it, nobody ever wants the salad. I'm determined to get those wonderful dark, leafy greens into us somehow, so adding them to the soup makes sense....more
I can't do the seaweed; I've tried and tried and tried. I will try to make this soup without it! ...more

No Fuss Beef Stroganoff

No Fuss Beef StroganoffCopyright 2011 Christine's Pantry....more