Reconciling Passion & The Leap

I’ve been working on the same novel since the beginning of time.In my first incarnation I probably wore mammoth furs and carved this story onto a cave wall with an antler dipped in red ochre.As a slave, I likely told it orally at the close of an endlessly long and grueling day. My “master” wouldn’t have allowed me to learn how to read and write, but that didn’t stop this creation from wanting to come through me. So I must have whispered it in the dark to my children as I tucked them into bed....more

Writing Is Easy

If you're new around here you may not have heard: November is National Novel Writer's Month, affectionately referred to by writers as "Nanowrimo" or simply "Nano."...more

The Travelling, Crocheting Grandma.

 For the last couple of weeks, it really has been a life of “anything goes”. I have stayed with a daughter who is on bed  rest to prevent a premature birth, with a daughter-in-law and my newborn grandson and helped out another daughter by babysitting while she and her husband accompanied a professional house inspector before buying a beautiful country home. I  have also kept busy by  writing articles,blogging and asking advice about publishing a book....more

Grateful Monday: What Are You Creating?

What Are You Creating?*This isn’t a direct answer to the chosen question here, but to start, I just want to say that I am very grateful for this past holiday weekend that afforded me and my family some much needed downtime!  We made the most of our time together eating (of course!,) enjoying the great outdoors, taking in a movie, and, I for one, took the opportunity to disconnect from technology for the weekend, which was unusual and very relaxing!...more

A Passion...

This blog post is about a particular passion of mine...

In my dreams

In my dreams I am an eloquent wordsmith, effortlessly fashioning unformed thoughts into written wisdom In my dreams I am a talented artist, paint flowing elegantly from brush to canvas into swirls of beauty In my dreams I am an inspired designer, taking nothing and making a magnificent, breathtaking something And then I wake up, and daily struggle to create June 1, 2011 ...more

National Craft Month: Art Like a Child

Kids often have the best energy when it comes to crafting because they embrace being creative, they call themselves artists, and they could care less about the mess, color pallet, or medium that they are playing with.  And I stress, playing with.  It is play for them and they jump in with all the vim and vigor that they can to make their art.  Whether they are using play-dough, clay, watercolors, markers, or stickers, they are smiling, laughing, and creating.  You rarely hear them judging their work negatively, but rather showing you their amazi...more

National Craft Month: Finding Inspiration

It's National Craft Month!  Yippee!!  Now what? Have you got a list of projects that you are dying to work on or are you just wanting to try something new?  Are you interested but unsure where to begin?  Are you just overwhelmed by the shear thought of attempting a creative project?  Are you always telling yourself you are not creative? Well – first of all, we are all creative, in different ways, but we all have a way that we creatively express ourselves, so scratch that reason right off of your list. Now, maybe what you need...more

Fill Your Cup

I was talking with a woman the other day about my Etsy shop, and she asked me a question: "How do you do it? How do you juggle being the mom, being the wife, being the homemaker AND still have a place for your jewelry, sewing, cooking and taking classes like the one you took in photography?" ...more

Monday Musings {boutique love}

Monday Musings: {boutique love}have you been to our boutique?...more