avoiding (tongue) depression

“He’s doing better, right? He shouldn’t have to go to the doctor. I mean, why put him through the stress?”My husband must have heard the pleading in my voice because he agreed that our son seemed to be on the mend. Philip no longer sneezed out hunks of snot. He hadn’t coughed in my face for hours. He ate and drank normally, ran no fever, and had the energy to knock over our bookcase. Twice. When Philip fell asleep, I was hopeful that he would be fully recovered by morning so I wouldn’t have to put myself through the stress of taking him to the doctor....more

Walking Home By Yourself

Many times in kindergarten and first grade, I walked home by myself.  I barely remember that I did so, except for remembering a few, early flashes of streets near my house and walking one foot in front of the other....more

Your Kids Don't Need An Adult Playmate; They Need Parents

 I can remember being really little, and I can remember my parents playing with me....more

Not the school's fault..is it?

This is a big local story today - Student Leaves Campus - and I have to say that it terrifies me.  There are so many thing wrong iwth this story I am not even sure where to begin!  I will start by saying what no one else has said.  I don't think the school is really to blame here.  I know- you must be shocked, right?  You automatically want to blame the school because the idea that a kid could sneak off of campus is a little farfetched, right?  Not...more

Should a 7-year-old cross the street alone?

 Lately, I've started asking Esme to carry letters or bills to the postbox on the corner. It's a short walk to the end of our street where she has to look both ways, then cross the street, drop the post in the box, look both ways again and run home. She's seven. The first time she did it, I watched from the porch. She must have looked three or four times before crossing. When she ran home, her smile was wide like a field of sunflowers. She was thrilled with herself, so proud of her independence. ...more

Snap that Umbilical Cord

For many months, perhaps even years, I have been preparing for this day.  I am not birthing a child or graduating from school or giving my vows of marriage, I have done all that, no this afternoon I cut the umbilical cord.  Not the one Peter slit, but the cord of dependence that has been stretched to the point of breakage....more

Independence… A Must!

Independence: The state or quality of being independent; freedom from dependence; exemption from reliance on, or control by others; self-subsistence or maintenance; direction of one’s own affairs without interference. Independence: Yours. Your childrens’. How do we create our own, and foster our childrens’ independence? I’m going to cover this topic under one umbrella, because whether you’re 6, 16, 36 or 66, every girl or woman needs to be equipped with independence skills....more