The Creative Process

After Dinner Nap - Painting by Bernadette Kazmarski ...more

Hot Buttered Cobra-On-The-Cob

the best gift ever for babies and tots at babyceesnameart.comCees Beyond The Zees:  Hot Buttered Cobra-on-the-Cob...more

Creative Getaways for Artistic Souls

Feel like you’ve lost that loving feeling?  Shutting down romantically and sexually may have a lot less to do with problems in your dating life than with keeping your creative batteries charged. Indeed, recent research in art therapy, for example, has shown benefits among cancer patients that include an increase in self-esteem, improvement in overall health and a significant decrease in anxiety and depression. ...more

Making My Own Green Peace

Today, a summer Sunday, my morning started slowly with a gloom over it. Nothing serious, just work again. As I drank my coffee on the back patio, my head just felt heavy. ...more

Eat, Pray and Love Author Puts It Out There

If you have 20 minutes, check out this clip on TED from Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert from my home blog at : ...more

WVFC: Mothering Art and the Art of Mothering

by Leya Evelyn ...more

Letter to My Heart

Pentru inima mea:(For my heart) I've been thinking of how to "talk" to you, my Heart, about all that we've been through these last 23 years together. At first I felt like apologizing for all of the pain I allowed to be brought upon you. Or maybe I would reminisce with you about all the ups and downs, the crazy roller coaster we've been on ever since my first kiss in 10th grade... ...more

Pleasantly Surprised

Convo with my mother via phone earlier this week: Mom: You know, Mic, you've really surprised me with your domesticity and your little creative ways. Because when you were growing up I really didn't think...I mean, I didn't see it coming. Me: What? really? what does that even mean? Mom: Well, you know, like the house stuff and the crafty stuff. Just didn't see it coming, that's all. For awhile there, you just... you know. Me: Ummm, I am so writing this down. ...more

How to Find Your Creative Call

What is your creative calling?  Find out by reading The Creative Call. It’s your chance to discover or uncover the creative gifts that God has placed in you. ...more