Falling in Love (with an idea) & Making it Last

When you have a great idea, you know you have a great idea. It's a magical moment. It's love at first sight. Everything sparkles and your head goes light and your stomach drops and *omg* this is the best idea ever. You just absolutely fall head over heels....more
Thanks for the kick in the pants! :) I do have an idea, and it's time to make it happen. more

On writing

I begin this month's NaBloPoMo with a pat on my back for getting that name right on the first try finally! Seriously, who comes up with acronyms that confuse my brain? I don't oppose acronyms in theory, just ones with repeated sounds that offer the chance of my not getting them straight.  ...more

The Harvest Moon Wakes Me at 3AM

Gaea Yudron Sage's Play Exploring creative aging, wellness and spirit www.sagesplay.com ...more

Taking it personally.....

I was attacked this morning at 4:30 am by severe doubts about my ability to create this scene called an online community. Yesterday I was struggling a bit figuring out how to get content for a couple of my interest categories. And, I'm still thinking about the email I sent out to the ladies I've been talking to and held focus groups with.....I got some responses but not as many as I hoped and I asked people to let me know about women who like to write and inspirational stories I could use etc. Not what I expected. It all added up to give me a sleepless hour. ...more