THINKING AHEAD.....Those Who Are Successful THINK AHEAD.....

 THINKING AHEAD…..…..I truly believe it is up to us to make our lives what we want them to be. No one else will come along and do the work or brain thought for us….We will have to figure it out….What we want our lives to look like we then create a map to get there….I think life is about problems that we are here to solve….We are meant to solve the equations….We are problem solvers…....more

Creative Thinking Six -Year Old Style

  "Don’t think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It’s self-conscious, and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can’t try to do things. You simply must do things."  Ray Bradbury...more
Mom to Country Kids  AND you live in the country like us!more

I Is for Idea

An IDEA is what lurks behind this blog (or any piece of writing)—urging the words forward.So, writing about “idea”—when the idea of doing so was ITSELF an “idea”—well it’s kind of like the proverbial snake with its own tail in its mouth. (Or the Escher drawing of a hand drawing itself ... )...more
Hi Isabel. I have to be quiet to get ideas usually although they sometimes just pop up. You have ...more

Thinking outside the box

Alex, my fourteen year old cat was quite sick earlier this summer.  He had a rough day on Friday....more

How Brava mades "Mangu" While talking about the Health care Reform

Hi Every one, my name is "BRAVA"; I want to take this opportunity to talk about diferent subjects, while I  give you recipes from my beautiful country Dominican Republic....First I want to tell everyone, please get informed,do not believe everything you see on TV (fox,mtv,etc.) or listen on the Radio ...Fact check everything...The new Healthcare Reform would help all americans, including the ones that are currently insured;The President must Pass a Bill that include a public option; which means a better coverage for all citizens of this land...Read do not ...more

Creativity: Is it luck or can I be creative purposely

I have always admired creative people and wondered how they came up with the all the cool stuff they create. The truth is that most people who have been called creative or have invented some of the most popular and used products did so accidentally. The Slinky and Play doh are examples of accidental creations that the creators have made billions from as almost 1 billion units of these items have been sold since their creation in 1940 and 1955 respectively. Penicillin, the Microwave, fireworks, the Pacemaker and Post it Notes are other ...more

I'm Positively Positive We Should Be Positive!

As one who firmly believes that we humans frequently create our own problems, it follows that I also appreciate the need to remain positive. It is as necessary to our business success as food and water are to our bodies. Focusing squarely on the positive provides a working atmosphere that allows for optimum creativity and productivity. If you need proof of that, try to think of one successfulperson who got there by being negative. ...more

I love it!  I woke up this morning with a 'not-so-positive' outlook and you have helped make ...more

My Lovemark

Alas! I have been running around like a headless chicken trying to get everything done before our departure for Manila today at 6am. It's a door to door delivery (almost) so it's going to be less stressful. Apart from being excited to be going back home, I'm also overjoyed because we're celebrating our first year wedding anniversary. Time sure flew. People ask me how married life is and I only have one answer every single time - bliss! Being married to a man with whom I can communicate at every level and makes life so much more fun is just the stuff fairy tales are made of. ...more