Finding Inspiration

Writing has always been a way I save myself- from sadness, boredom, confusion, myself. Writing is the way our family who's too far way sees our children when they can't visit. It's one of the ways my students and I talk about books we can't put down or share our ideas through story and poem. Writing is what many of them thought they could never do because someone told them so. Writing is something I used to think I'd get to someday. ...more

Post Grad - Waiting IT Out

Anyone else have a long Tuesday that felt like an even longer Monday? Twenty pre-school kids later and I'm finally letting the pull-my-hair-out feeling dissapear with a little Imogen Heap.  She says that time heals everything, so maybe that's all I need to figure out where my life's supposed to take me after the "best years of my life," whatever that means. ...more


I am learning that parenting is all about moments. The bad ones. The good ones. This is a good one.The girl was with me in the kitchen while I was making a late dinner. She asked for a story, but I was focused on preparing the food and suggested she listen to some music instead....more

BOLO: Be On The Lookout

Be On the LookOut!   ...more

Anna Deavere Smith "Lets Us Down Easy" in the Health Care Debate

"When I hear the official language [of the health care debate] it makes me suppose that this is a time when we need a lot more art that's not going to have answers that are in black and white. " Anna Deavere Smith to Bill Moyers, November 13, 2009 ...more

Well America may well as I have said previously begining to have to discuss the other as ...more

Poetry Friday: Lisa Russ Spaar

Sometimes it feels as if all the buzz in literature, especially poetry, is about youth. Who won the Yale Younger Poets Award? The XYZ Fellowship for Writers Under Thirty?...more


(A short story taken from my novel, In Good Company. Written in Patois) One late night when de moon was full an’ bright, ah was walking in de back roads ah Cocorite Village near de Calabash Alley. Ah jus’ come from de bar wey all meh friends was limin’ an’ causin’ ruction. Ah know ah was drunk as hell, an’ meh steps nuh eh time, buh ah still know wey ah was goin’. Ah walk, an’ walk, an’ walk, until ah reach near ah forest. Buh me eh t’ink nuthin’ cause ah does walk dey ...more

Ok just so I just finished reading the story and I'm more

Rabbit's Hat Creative Writing Workshop for Magical Realist Writers

•MRC 101B: Rabbit’s Hat: (for magical realist writers) Sign up hereLevel: intermediateDuration: Three sessions of generative writing aided by promptsFormat: Online/NonInteractiveDates:  September 17 through October 1 (Thurs)< ...more