Journaling - How to get started!

Wanna give journaling a go :)? ...more

God Slipped in Through the Kitchen Window

The first warm day in quite some time, yet it's overcast and gray. I lose track of where the time has gone, absorbed in this and that. Body on auto pilot as I move throughout the house. Hands reach out to fold more towels, to pull sheets tight on each bed. I organize the disorganization. My actions predictable, yet in the stillness of the day I break out of routine only for small moments. I pause, I hear, I have heard you before.  I shake you off, telling myself I will get to you later.  Time keeps moving forward, and so do I. ...more

Suburban Night

It's night and I am driving.  Leaving behind the whirlwind of the day. Eyes cautiously scan the road ahead. My grip tightens on the wheel as the world outside blurs and fades behind me. Replaying, reexamining, repeating, repeating, repeating, repeating.... Strange shadows blend into the line of trees just beyond the road, anxiety rises. Where am I going? I am energy cutting through the night and it feels good. A restless soul reaching out for a sympathetic ear.  ...more

Journaling - The Power of the Pencil!

  I’ve often been asked why I journal. To most, the concept seems a bit “out there,” confusing, misunderstood, complicated and requiring way way way too much time! Here are a few reasons why journaling has become an indispensable outlet for me… ...more

Registration for the 4th Annual Field's End Writers' Conference closes April 8!

Don't miss out on this terrific one-day retreat-like conference! Our 4th annual event takes place at the scenic Kiana Lodge. Keynote speaker: popular podcaster Mignon Fogarty aka Grammar GirlOpening speaker: author Jim Lynch (The Highest Tide; Border Songs) Workshop presenters: Kathleen Alcala, Elizabeth Austen, Lana Hechtman Ayers, Royce Buckingham, Carol Cassella, Jonathan Evison, Waverly Fitzgerald, Mary Guterson, Paul Hanson, Grace Jackson, Priscilla Long, George Shannon, Michael Dylan Welch. More information: ...more

The Twitter Creative Challenge

Someone posted the following article on twitter and it got me thinking: I like to write, heck that's why I started blogging. Trying to write something in a 140 character limit could be a fun challenge (don't know if I'll be that successful all the time). If you catch one of my tweets, let me know what you think. ...more

Scholar, blogger, journalist, and poet: Striking a balance in multiple voices

In the 11 years since I graduated from college, the one constant in my many jobs and hobbies has been writing: exhibition labels, news and features articles, poetry, blogs, scholarly essays, development (fund-raising) writing, grants, marketing collateral, website copy, a thesis, a dissertation. I have written myself into (and occasionally out of) many opportunities. I try to explain to my students the magical properties of writing to snag interesting opportunities. At the same time, however, I'm wrestling with my own identity and voice as a writer. ...more

I am a geek by day, and some of my sentences would probably ...more

Clive Barker on Dreams, Art, the Act of Writing and Existential Aloneness

Naomi Epel's Writer's Dreaming, is a collection of interviews from writers on how their dreams influence their creative process. When I got to the chapter on Clive Barker, of Hellraiser fame, I was tempted to skip it. I will confess I have not read his works and have not seen any of the Hellraiser films, so I have no right to any opinion on the man at all. But really, his name did not jump out to me as a great author of our time, as say a Maya Angelou or Isabelle Allende. ...more

Creativity: Is it luck or can I be creative purposely

I have always admired creative people and wondered how they came up with the all the cool stuff they create. The truth is that most people who have been called creative or have invented some of the most popular and used products did so accidentally. The Slinky and Play doh are examples of accidental creations that the creators have made billions from as almost 1 billion units of these items have been sold since their creation in 1940 and 1955 respectively. Penicillin, the Microwave, fireworks, the Pacemaker and Post it Notes are other ...more

Building your Creative Appetite

I have to admit that I read very early on- One of my favorite authors that made me giggle (and still is) was Maurice Sendak. If you were fortunate to have read his Nutshell Volume of little books, you too may be familiar with (my favorite), Chicken Soup With Rice. "In January it's so nice while slipping on the sliding ice, to sip hot chicken soup with rice. Sipping once, sipping twice, sipping chicken soup with rice" Or..."In December I will be a baubled bangled Christmas Tree with soup bowls draped all over me.  ...more

One of my favorite books EVER. In fact, the only Sendak book that I can honestly say that I ...more