Building your Creative Appetite

I have to admit that I read very early on- One of my favorite authors that made me giggle (and still is) was Maurice Sendak. If you were fortunate to have read his Nutshell Volume of little books, you too may be familiar with (my favorite), Chicken Soup With Rice. "In January it's so nice while slipping on the sliding ice, to sip hot chicken soup with rice. Sipping once, sipping twice, sipping chicken soup with rice" Or..."In December I will be a baubled bangled Christmas Tree with soup bowls draped all over me.  ...more

One of my favorite books EVER. In fact, the only Sendak book that I can honestly say that I ...more

Somewhere Between the Want to Do's and Have to Do's

So it's late and it has been a few days of thinking and rethinking of what would be the first words I'd type. What story to tell, what moment to explain and how to express something, anything in an interesting or meaningful way. Words. They have weaved in and out of my thoughts as I have folded laundry. Poetry, what makes a poem? I have made attempts at poetry quietly in my mind on my drive to pick up my oldest from Kindergarten. It is in this one quiet moment of the day that I am able to be a part of all that is around me. ...more

I'm Spying On You!!

I have a little pink journal that I keep in my car. The kids call it my “stalker notebook.” They’re right. I secretly watch people whenever I’m at the car wash or the drive-thru, even the pick-up line at the school. I am always on the lookout for inspiration for a future short story or novel. Sometimes I only pick up some scenery, but the best days–those ones that make me rush to my computer to type–are the days when I meet someone like Ed. ...more

Meet Cassidy Dane

Cassidy Dane, the shopaholic best friend of a woman who loves to take notes, has been swirling around my head again lately, looking for another project. She first appeared in a short story I wrote last year. You can follow the link here: HOW CASSIE AND I SAVED THE WORLD (OR A FEW MARRIAGES, AT LEAST)   ...more

Please Knock

A writer can find inspiration in the most unlikely of places, including her twelve year old daughter’s bedroom door. This notice appeared in my hallway yesterday: PLEASE KNOCK. Especially if you are opportunity. Because if you were opportunity and you didn’t knock, well, we wouldn’t say, “opportunity knocks” anymore. We would say, “opportunity barges in, thus ticking me off.” So please, knock. ...more

Your daughter is wittty and provacative!  You gotta love ...more

Creating The Backstory Cafe

I'm nervous about blogging, but after being encouraged by fellow writers (they promised that I wouldn't end up lost in cyberspace or crash my computer) I started a blog of my own. I wanted to create an outlet that let me connect to other bloggers and writers while keeping a little distance from my personal life. The Backstory Cafe is my fictional coffeehouse/blog where I spend a little time each week sitting on a comfy sofa, introducing some of the outrageous characters from my work and telling the hillarious real-life events that lead to their creation. ...more

... to see if my latte is ready. I'm thirsty. Looking forward to more posts!

Dawn ...more

Is good sex the art of listening...

There is allot of attention placed on sex.  ...more

In which we let our writing voices run wild and free

HorsesAs a kid equestrienne, I learned that some horses are reluctant. Unless convinced otherwise, the disinclined horse's canter will fade to a bumpy trot, devolve into a sluggish walk, then creak to a complete halt--well before you've gotten where you want to go. ...more

Very Dirty Minds Like Dirty Moms in High Heels; the art of double entendre in blogs

So for kicks and giggles I took a peek at my blog stats, stats that would make only a person without a blog jealous. As I looked at searches for my blogs I realized my search feeds were bringing people who were looking for something other then my life as a mom. ...more

Gosh if I'd known the blogosphere was this much fun I would have done this ages ago!  I am ...more

Can a generalist survive today’s writing market?

Publishing has increasingly become a forum for experts. If you are a weight-loss guru, a financial expert or a spiritual sage and, more importantly, if you have succeeded in making money off your area of expertise, you automatically have an edge in pitching an article or even a book. And this phenomenon isn’t confined to nonfiction—look at Patricia Cornwall who, after working as technical writer and analyst in a medical examiner’s office, parlayed that experience into best-selling crime novels. But there are writers like me who for whatever reason decline to focus on a specialty area. ...more