Facebook poem--because you asked

A poetry group I belong to at Facebook came up with a contest. Write a poem beginning with 'Face' and ending in 'Book.' I did that, but my poem is too long for the contest guidelines. I mentioned I'd written one, here at my blog and on Facebook. Well, that spurred curiosity. People have visited this blog in hopes of finding the poem, according to the keywords showing on search inquiries. Others have asked me by email and in person, "Where's the poem?" I usually don't place a poem on my blog unless it's been published. ...more

Denise thanks--I had lots of fun writing that one--

Best regards, Kay Day( kayday.com)

Billionaire says Internet ‘dead and boring’

I read part of an interview with Mark Cuban in Lloyd Grove’s column at Portfolio.com. Cuban made his primary fortune by plying his entrepreneurial skills as a partner in Broadcast.com. This Web TV company was sold to Yahoo for $5.7 billion in stock, and then, Lloyd writes, “cashed out before the tech market imploded.” Cuban’s remarks about the Internet are based on what he perceives as an inadequate broadband speed to your home, that limits potential for “technical innovation.” I’m not a computer expert, so I won’t argue Cuban’s point. ...more

Should a poet plan on starving?

When I was young my mother, when I repeated my ambition to become a poet, advised me in typical no-nonsense fashion. “Poets are dead before anybody knows who they are.” Years later, as I worked steadily at trying to survive as a freelance writer, I continued to write poetry on the side. I published many poems, earning small amounts from educational publishers, magazines, contests and at least one Web site. Finally the day came when a publisher agreed to invest his money in my collection, A Poetry Break. ...more

Kim, thanks--I think it's the you-just-gotta'-do-it-syndrome with poetry (and really, with all ...more

Publication: One Year Later

Coming up in just a few days, a fabulous new feature: our One Year Later questionnaire. This little survey is designed to wring all the juicy information there is to get out of our unwitting authors—ehr—I mean, this survey will allow writers revisit the work they published with Fringe a year (or more) ago. We've used extensive market research to come up with some other essential questions as well... ...more

A writer who really doesn’t aim to be one

When my younger daughter was enrolled in the creative writing program at a public arts school, she frequently told me she liked to write but she had no intentions of becoming a writer. I told her, “Too late.” I told her a writer writes because she does it, not because she really intends to do it. My daughter really wants to be a musician. She writes songs and lyrics. She’s won awards, not just for writing but for a song she wrote. She's performed in front of audiences. What astounded her father and me was her calm approach. She seemed perfectly at ease on stage. ...more