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How To Spring Back Your Creativity For New Exciting Ways Of Making A Living

by Andrea Bahamondes http://thenakedelephant.net/...more

How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day? Here Is A Mouthwatering And Soul Melting Recipe

by Andrea Bahamondes http://thenakedelephant.net/ ...more

Creative Aging and the Happy Life

I've been an artist all my life and I am passionate about creative aging-- engaging creativity with a Big C or a little c....more

Things do happen for a reason…sometimes you just have to wait…

I haven’t posted in a while. I have been incredibly busy with work and school and family-but that is not the topic of this post. I recently made a tough decision. I have decided to go a different direction in my educational career, a choice that will ultimately change my entire life....more

Prioritize Your Passion!

 It's easy to let our passions assume a place of lowest priority in our lives; but when this happens we suffer. We feel out of balance, unfulfilled and resentful. Take time, make time, to indulge in those activities that you love, that bring you joy and peace; that make you feel good about yourself....more

Ideas for a Great Thanksgiving Centerpiece

The holiday season is only a couple weeks away, so many of us are starting to make details To-Do lists for all the parties, festivities and family gatherings being planned. Count our dinner plates, check the good silver (then consider locking it away?), getting out the serving pieces and table cloths. We're making sure all the basics will be ready to go at a moment's notice. For the FIRST big holiday of the season -Thanksgiving- let even consider using a centerpiece to dress the table. Most of us put off doing a centerpiece for good reasons: ...more

I'm thinking of having the three kiddos go out and bring back some colorful items they can ...more

Rewards for Efforts

Each week I teach songwriting and guitar in a women's prison. It took about a year and a half to set up the program, amidst many challenges with government red tape etc. One of my students was so shy initially that she would not play in front of anyone. Yesterday I watched her play in front of over a hundred people, solo!If ever there was a reward for my efforts, this is one. Life is beautiful!...more

Hey, I'm actually co-facilitating a songwriting workshop in a women's prison right now, any ...more

Busting Inertia!

This month’s Voicegram is all about inertia....how to get started again once you’ve hit a wall, encountered a challenge or are beginning a new venture. Sign up for my monthly Voicegram and I'll send you:  “How To Start A Locomotive” .  Go to www.vivalavoice.com...more