Ars Longa, Vita Brevis

“Art is long, life is short.” Words that resonate down the millennia. And life was indeed short back then, but how many incredible works of art survive! A trip to the museum is cause to marvel at the talent of our forebears, dating so far back. Carved in stone, drawn on cave walls. Every artist, from tragic Vincent Van Gogh’s disturbing landscapes to the soaring joy of Calder’s mobiles, made his or her mark, and their masterful creations live on....more

Where Are You On Your Runway?

I recently listened to a podcast called, Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert.  It is a supplement to her book written last year called Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear.  In the episode I listened to, she talks about your creative journey as an airport runway. ...more


If we were indeed created in the image of the Ultimate source of creativity, the Divine, then we know we were born to be creative. So today tap into your power to create. In doing so, you connect with the Divine within you. ...more

What does creativity mean in different contexts?

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Getting creative by 'stealing' wisely

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5 Things I’ve learned from Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

It's not a surprise that everyone, who is related to creativity sometimes has questions like 'Why am I doing this?', 'How to find a perfect idea?' or even 'Who is interested in what I am doing?'. I am the same and I know how it feels. One day you are full of ideas and you work hard till you get it done, another day you have no mood and maybe thinking to give it up. ...more

Puzzles and Creativity

 I enjoy doing puzzles. But I must confess I don't do enough of them. While there is so much information that tells us that keeping our brains active in this way is a great way to keep dementia away, puzzles are very good for improving creativity too....more

99 Keys to a Creative Life

  Book DescriptionCreativity is not just painting or writing; it is stepping outside the way we normally think and looking at a situation from different angles. Author Melissa Harris reminds us that the many small acts we perform on a daily basis can be used to view our lives in a new way.99 Keys to a Creative Life is divided into three sections for easy reference: 3...more

Laughter Sparks Creativity

 Perhaps you've noticed a theme emerging in my writing this month? I've been talking about creativity. I may or may not continue this through the month, but for now, I hope you're enjoying this. Today, I'm doing a short post on the connection between creativity and laughter. Have you ever worked with a groups, at work or otherwise, on creative projects? Looking back, what was the most creative group you worked with?...more

LEGO Creations

My son is a LEGO aficionado and it baffles me that I have not blogged about his creations more. Every day, he comes up with at least one new design - a car, a motorcycle, a building, or a scene of some sort. His patience and determination as he looks for the right brick are impressive....more