The Different Credit Scoring Methods You Should Know About

The credit score. This is a number that many people worry about, focus on and are continuously trying to improve but did you know that there are different credit scoring methods used by the credit bureaus and by lenders? Let's talk about some of the different types of credit scoring methods that exist....more

5 Things to Know About Your Credit

 When it comes to making big purchases like buying a home or financing a business, knowing and understanding your credit is very important especially if a certain credit score is required or if you intend to use loans towards your purchase or financing e.g. a mortgage or business loan....more

5 Reasons Why Moms Need to Know Their Credit Scores

Moms bear a heavy financial burden. Most moms are responsible for the finances of the entire household, which means that they need to figure out how to manage the household income well enough to provide for everyone in the family. This is a big responsibility that can make any mom panic. This pressure is even one of the most common stressors that moms experience and can effect a lot of the decisions that they family makes. These issues are very unfortunate, but moms still need to carry the burden of the household finances no matter what....more

The Requirements For Providing A Good Credit Card Application Report

The business credit card has a high efficiency when it comes to granting, obtaining, and expending loans. There are application forms that must be filled by the applicant who applies for business credit card and it can be done with the use of internet. The customer is granted a line of credit that he can access and expend when he/she is in need. Some of the customer possesses good records of credit history. The limit for the credit will automatically rise then; the increase of the loan amount will be attained by exerting much effort....more

Pyrex & Pennies: Big Purchases and Bad Decisions

Now that we're in our 30s, my husband Kyle and I would like to buy a home at some point in the near future. I want a space I can make ours (read: I want to rip down cabinets, build things into walls, etc.), and we are desperate to have enough outside space for a chicken coop and garden beds so we can grow a good portion of our own food. ...more

Why Having Bad Credit Probably Saved My Financial Life

Look. I will be the first one to tell you -- as someone who is attempting to repair her very damaged credit -- that trying to fix credit is much harder than I ever thought possible. I had collections on my credit, for very small amounts, mind you, that I have been trying to remove for literally years. I am talking $100 for a library book, people. But my bad credit goes back all the way to the ripe old age of 19. ...more
@tattoomommie I am so glad to hear that!!!more

Taking Advantage of Sandy: Bank of America Uses Storm to slash credit lines

Helping those affected by superstorm Sandy has become the new marketing strategy for the financial sector. From E-bay to Paypal to the mega banks whose ruthless and reckless behavior drives the Occupy Wall Street movement, everyone is claiming to help residents in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania deal with the financial burden created by the storm's aftermath. Unfortunately with some companies this is much more hype than substance, a way of trying to smooth over the feathers of so many of us hurting due to the Great Recession. ...more

Denied! Stand up for stay at home moms, dads, caregivers

This post is by Ashley Boyd of It generated some great conversations via Twitter and Facebook, so we wanted to share with our networks and hear your thoughts too.Denied. That’s the response Holly McCall of Virginia received when she recently applied for a credit card. ...more

Is It Worth It to Have a Decent Credit Score??

Recently, we put our house up for a short sale to rent a townhouse closer to work and college. Half the people I talked to about it were, "good idea, will definitely save money, sounds great." The other half were pretty upset, stating such things as, "It is your duty to pay for the house, you are throwing everything away, you are going to drag your credit score into the ground and it will be very difficult to bring it back up." So I ask myself: Is it worth it to have a decent credit score? Why?...more
I will definitely say the my buying a house, at 10%-15% down, at an early age, in a bad ...more