Money, Money, Money! Find Financial Freedom Now

The BlogHer and DailyPost blog prompts for NaNoBlogMo today all had to do with money, and lots of it....more

How To Get Out Of Debt

 Most American's have credit cards.  Almost all of these people carry balances on their cards.  ...more

Young Adults Empowered by Debt? Really?

A new study out of Ohio State University this week suggests that I am not like young adults today in my reaction to debt. The findings ask me to believe that rather than feeling burdened and nervous about sizable debt, people between the ages of 18-27 are actually empowered by owing money for things like credit card bills and student loans. (Yes, I have those, too.)...more

I believe when one starts working early in their lives, they are much much more responsible with ...more

How I Dug Out of the Hole...Twice.

This is a huge post for me. I don't like talking about money but I’m putting myself out there, not just for myself, but for some friends of mine who I feel are struggling right now – and might not even know it. So, if you have started reading, please continue until the end, if not for you, then for me - just to hear my story. ...more


GLREDParalyzed by fear would sum up how I felt within 24 hours of receiving a letter from Price Water House terminating my employment effective at 8am the following day. The day prior to receiving this letter I followed my employer’s instructions and laid-off approximately 125 employees. I explained the company was simply reorganizing. I, too, believed this to be a true statement. The month was March. The year was 1996 and a bankruptcy court had appointed Price Water House to run the company that employed me. My employer’s company had been placed into receivership three days after all my possessions arrived to my company paid apartment… a high rise penthouse suite. By the way, I was representing my employer in a country other than the USA....more Hi Sunbonnet, thankU for your comments! I wrote this last year when my ...more

Do you lie to your partner about money? 5 ways to 'fess up

One of my friends earns a bit 'o money from blogging, and gets paid through PayPal. She doesn't tell her husband about this -- he has no idea she's got this stash of cash!Is she lying about money? You better believe it. Financial infidelity is more common than you think -- and it ranges from lying about the cost of a $50 pair of shoes to hiding a $500,000 investment that went sour. ...more

5 Money Resolutions Couples Should Never Set

'Tis the season to start thinking of your New Year's Resolutions! Maybe this is the year you get your finances in order once and for all...Have you heard of "The Money Couple"? Scott and Bethany Palmer are financial experts with tons of tricks up their sleeves -- all to do with managing love and money. In this article, they share five financial resolutions that a couple should never set....more

How to Help Loved Ones Who Need Money - Without Lending It!

My sister is a terrific spender: she doesn't think twice about buying $200 jeans, $150 haircuts, and $25,000 vehicles. And it's not like she has the money -- she's in debt up to her perfectly plucked eyebrows....more

5 Tips for Paying Off Debt When You Earn Peanuts

It's one thing to pay off your student loan or credit card debt when you're a lawyer or doctor earning over $100,000 a year -- but it's a whole different ballgame when you make $30,000, with bonuses! I was one of those crazy starry-eyed kids who racked up thousands of dollars in college debt. I earned almost useless psychology and literature degrees that don't translate to big bucks (or even medium-sized ones)....more

Making some money in creative ways (without becoming a stripper)

Eric and I have been thinking of ways to rack up some dough to help us with upcoming costs associated with the move. In addition to paying an extra week’s worth of rent due to an overlap in our leases, we will also need to buy a fridge and a television (things that came with our current apartment but not our new place). Luckily we already paid the deposit (straight out of savings!) so we at least got that covered....more