Foreclosure's Female Face

In January, I began a new job at a nonprofit organization that works to prevent foreclosures and preserve neighborhoods throughout New York City. Although I was not involved in the field back in August 2007, I read enough about it to realize that foreclosure was about to have a very female face. Not only that, but it was going to be a face that was likely to be ignored by the mainstream media. ...more
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Good News for GM, Ford and Chrysler - Dems Agree to Auto Industry Bail-Out

I have spent hours and hours Thursday and Friday night watching the Senate and Congressional Auto Industry Bail Out hearings and it looks like good news for the Auto Industry: After weeks of tense discussions with the heads of the U.S. auto industry, Democratic Congressional leaders have reached an agreement that may just clear the way for the Big Three to get the money they need to survive for now. ...more


A couple, let’s call them Ms I and Mr U.K, used to argue about fish, particularly cod. In time they learned to compromise and share. Now, however, they’ve become openly hostile again. This time it seems the issue is about money. He put some in her accounts and she is claiming that she can’t return it. As a result he’s seized everything he can of hers and isn’t giving it back. ...more

What Does It Show? The Film Clip That Every American Should See

The film that every American who wants or needs to understand our current credit crisis / financial crisis and its origin in the failures of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should see.  The film is created from CSPAN footage shot at Congressional hearings in late 2004.  It is amazing!!! Particularly in light of current excuses and accusations. To view this amazing video, click here. ...more

A Bailout Isn't Enough for Me

I want my chance to help do things correctly. All week long I've been emotionally and intellectually struggling with the near collapse of the global economy and the admonitions of both former Goldman Sachs CEO and President Bush about how we had to give them $700b to bail out the banking system. Immediately. No questions asked. Why? The American public is correctly asking. Who is bailing out my family? So I want more than a bailout I want the American taxpayer to be a limited partner in the vulture fund that buys up these worthless ...more

Don't Blame ME For Your Credit Crisis, Mr. Paulson

Don't Blame Me for your Credit Crisis, Mr. Paulson You changed the rules for what constitutes a smart financial decision, and now you want to turn around and blame ME because I borrowed money? Screw you, buddy; let me tell you how I see it. ...more

This is all just a mess. Plain and simple.

I say all the CEO's of these troubled ...more