How long does Information stay on Credit Reports?

If you are concerned how long any negative information will remain on your credit report, it takes seven years from theDate of the Last Activity (DLA) before the item is deleted from your records (and seven to 10 years for bankruptcies). This is a very common question posed to credit reporting agencies....more

Fixing a Credit Report after being hacked

First off, how NOT to fix a hacked credit report: signing on with a service that promises to correct the problem in a jiffy—a “sounds too good to be true” advertisement. A company that claims they will 100% fix your bad credit by removing negative information from your credit report is a bit scammy. In fact, whatever a credit repair company CAN legally do, you yourself can do.Tips to Know Ahead of Time...more

Part Two: How to Fix Your Credit

Welcome back to Part Two of the How to Fix Your Credit the Bad Ass Way! Its Michelle again, and I'm back to talk to you about the next step in the process to fixing your credit score!!...more

Part One: How to Fix your Credit

As promised, I convinced my sister to share some of her journey in fixing her credit in a really short period of time. She managed to get her score from the 500's to the 700's in THREE MONTHS. read it right. She's no financial expert, didn't go to school for it, isn't a credit consultant (although I bet she could start a business if she wanted to), but she learned a ton from a lot of googling, research and figuring out what rights she has! She did a lot of the work a credit repair company does on her own, without paying a hefty fee for them doing the work....more

Knowledge is Power: 5 Steps You Can Take to Raise Your Credit Score

Let's face it - we live and participate in a society which makes judgments about us based on our creditworthiness and by that I'm referring specifically to the FICO score (developed by the Fair Isaac Corporation), the most widely used scoring model which ranks consumers by how likely they are to repay debt. The FICO score (ranging from 300-850) is used to assess risk in numerous capacities, such as when we are looking to borrow money, get insurance, apply for a job, and so on. ...more

Reasons Your Credit Score is More Important Than Ever

Most people know that good credit is key to financial health. Few realize that now more than ever strong credit is important. As the economy struggles you’ll need to work harder to prevent a credit score downward spiral. The “Secret Sauce” Formula is Still Secret ...more