Rent Payments Will Now Boost Your Credit Score

It took a long time but it finally happened. Credit reporting bureau Experian recently announced that it's now collecting consumer data on renters. Those who pay on time will now see it reflected as a boost to their credit score. But, beginning in 2012, late payments will also be reported. Rent payments have long been overlooked as an indicator of credit worthiness....more

The Mortgage Crisis & Credit: Let's Talk About Foreclosures

Every day I receive more and more emails from people who are quickly trying to respond to the financial chaos that continues to emerge from the mortgage crisis that has taken this nation by storm.  ...more

Reasons Your Credit Score is More Important Than Ever

Most people know that good credit is key to financial health. Few realize that now more than ever strong credit is important. As the economy struggles you’ll need to work harder to prevent a credit score downward spiral. The “Secret Sauce” Formula is Still Secret ...more