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Margaret Brandwick-Kearns09:50 -- 26 Feb 2010 UTC-7Submitted by: Lt. Joseph Carmichael The following is a transcript of my interview with Margaret Foley Brandwick-Kearns, female, Age 43. Resident of Young America, Michigan.  Occupation: EducatorMs. Brandwick has come in to give a formal statement on the incident that occurred this past Saturday night, at her apartment complex located at 2610 Hwy 36 just outside Young American Ave. <BEGIN>...more


I took my mother to dinner with my newfound family a few days after my father’s funeral.  We all sat there and talked together, trying to fit the pieces of my father’s life together with our own. Timelines, and people, and loves, and children…and then, it all dawned on us at the same time. He was married to my sisters’ mother, Gena, while he dated my mother.It’s why they never married, I suppose.The dinner stayed pretty quiet after that. ...more

Feeling Secure with a Home Security System

Last year, our local news burst with a story of several teens who broke into a random house in the middle of the night, hacking up a mother and her eleven-year-old daughter up with a machete, and leaving them for dead.  The daughter survived the attack but her mother did not.  This was an incredibly shocking story for the quiet New England town that is less than 20 miles from our house....more

That was a horrible story - one of those stories where I am just dumbfounded that it even ...more

5 safety tips everyone should know about

Tonight, a friend of mine jumped on IM and told me about how she was attacked in downtown St. Petersberg while walking home with a group of twenty people, both men and women. It was a frightening but useful reminder that you're never truly safe, no matter where you are or who you are with. I immediately dug through my email archives to forward my friend safety tips that my ex-boyfriend's mom used to send me. But I hate email forwards, so I've decided to share those very useful tips here for everyone to read. Both men and women alike should know these things. ...more

Pepper Spray 101 for Self Defense

Pepper spray is the easiest self defense product to use that is available today. It just might also be the most popular weapon used by women and men around the world. Since it is so easy to use, there really are just a few simple things you might want to keep in mind when using pepper spray for crime prevention. ...more