Open Letter to Persistent Passive-Aggressive Nice Guy

Dear Persistent Passive-Aggressive Nice Guy,Just stop. Stop reading my blog after this. Stop following me on Twitter and Pinterest and anywhere. I blocked you for a reason. It wasn’t an invitation to give me even more attention. It wasn’t a cry for help. It wasn’t another hurdle in your crusade to get my attention.It was a clear message – I don’t want to be your friend, your girlfriend, your online buddy, your anything. I don’t intend to say “hi” if I see you in public. I don’t want to have coffee. I want you to get out of my life....more

The Economic Terrorist

Most actions in modern times can be categorized as some type of terrorism, creating a form of overkill for the word. One of the most disgusting and inflammatory acts of terrorism I have been indirectly exposed to was economic terrorism. ...more

White-on-White Crime

Tom Clements, the head of the Colorado Department of Corrections, opened his door without hesitation on March 19, 2013. Yes, he lived in an all white neighborhood, but his neighbors were all nice people and he felt safe. When he saw a white man on his front step he didn’t think to be suspicious. That’s when Evan Spencer Ebel gunned him down.It turns out Evan Spencer Ebel was a neo-Nazi with an ax to grind....more

Using your Mobile to protect you from criminals

The Good:Your mobile phone number is almost as good as your fingerprint: very unique to you, and as a second factor authentication device via text message, acts as access control through which to access certain web sites....more

Even in my own Neighborhood...

As I write this I am sad. Sad and still a little bit in shock.  I live in a peaceful neighborhood full of young children and hard working, dog walking parents. Everyone decorates for everything. Everyone takes care of their yards. There are block parties. It is one of those kinds of neighborhoods.Except for one house......more

Empathy for the Villain

Slender Man - Click for sourceI've yet to meet a person...more

A Letter to My Burglars

Dear 3 Young Men that I discovered carrying my stuff out of my house on May 15, 2012 when I came home from work: Did you know that I work 3 jobs to have what little I have? Did you know that one of my jobs is working with At-Risk Teens at a school? Did you know that my family life growing up was less than ideal, but I went to college and worked my ass off to have a better life? Did you happen to notice my kids’ and grandkids’ photos and drawings on the refrigerator door?  They are what I live and work for....more

Two Transgender Women Murdered in Cleveland Last Week

Last week, Cleveland witnessed two brutal murders - seemingly unrelated - of two transgender women.Betty Janet Skinner was 52, disabled and living with assisted care in her own apartment. Her home health care worker found her in the morning with severe head injuries.  ...more

On taking precautions and blaming the victim

We ought to be able to leave the doors of our home unlocked and our windows open when we're out... but there are burglaries, and home invasions, so we pay attention to security. We take precautions. We ought to be able to leave our possessions on the front seat of the car while we run a few errands... but there are thefts, and vandalism, so we bring our valuables with us or lock them out of sight in the trunk. We take precautions. ...more Thanks so much, Robin - I really appreciate it. :)more

Media Images We Need

Media images and cultural messaging shape our thoughts. We can deny it all we want, but they do. Even when you KNOW BETTER than to buy into some stereotype/tope/bullshit you have to make yourself remember and counter earlier conditioning....more