When Chefs Kill They Kill Like Chefs

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Congratulations Dr. Phil, You Glorified A Murderer

It's possible you triggered a few PTSD cases, too....more
A Journalist just posted an open letter to Dr. Phil denouncing him for a show that Phil is ABOUT ...more

If Burglar Enters Your Property While You Are Home, Here's What You Must Do

The following information is often given out by police, to prevent anyone being harmed during a burglary:By carrying out these simple steps provided by SimpliSafe Home Security, you can make your property’s occupants safer.Click here to read more......more

September 17, 2012 Excerpt from Chapter One of "The Innocents" by Donna May

 The choice of one has a far-reaching effect on many, thus the Innocents. So count them; and count on them being touched, the many, … the Innocents.by Donna D Mayan excerpt from Chapter One...Chapter One...more

Top 10 Burglaries of the Rich and Famous

Celebrities are normal people like you and I, the only difference is that they get a lot more attention than us. Having your name on the Walk of Fame or sprawled across a movie screen doesn’t necessarily mean your home is burglar-proof....more

Fighting through Fear to Find My "Que Sera Sera"

When we have the wisdom to recognize what we can't change, we may say "que sera sera" to that and move forward. If we move forward seeking the courage to change what we can change, then we move forward with hope. Often what we can change most effectively is our own attitude toward whatever we face. What I've been facing most lately, however, is undulating fear....more
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My Screen Door Is Now Locked. Is Yours?

The other morning, I was home alone baking in my kitchen.  It was going to be a hot day and I wanted to start early, so I never bothered to change out of my pajamas and got right to work. I had the storm door open and screen door unlocked.  Being raised in the city, I should know better.  However, after years of living in rural New Hampshire, I have relaxed my crime fears. At least I thought I did....more

My Opinion

It's just my opinion but what in the world is going on with these schools arresting parents and holding diploma's.  I was watching the news this morning and I could not believe that one school district actually arrested a parent for disorderly conduct after she Woo-Hoo'ed for her child getting their hard earned diploma!  Then there was one where they with held a boy's diploma until he does 20 hours of community service.  Okay, that one is ridiculous....more


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Amen! Saw the story on Dateline last night. You said exactly what I was thinking. more

Dear Seal Beach: Lessons From Littleton

[Editor’s Note: On October 12, a man walked into the Salon Meritage in Seal Beach, California and killed eight people. It is Orange County's worst mass killing.] Image: Rose Palmisano/The Orange County Register via ZUMA Press. Dear Seal Beach,...more
Could not have been written better - so glad it was written & shared.more