Verdict in Oscar Grant Trial Sparks Protests Against Courts and Media

In Oakland, California, where frustration over police brutality fueled the rise of the Black Panther Party nearly fifty years ago, anger and grief spilled into the streets when a former city transit officer drew an involuntary manslaughter conviction yesterday for gunning down an unarmed black man today as he laid on the ground in compliance with police orders. As Blogher Contributing Editor Melissa Ford reported, the verdict returned by a Los Angeles jury against Johannes Mehserle, 28 in the killing of 22-year-old Oscar Grant III normally carries a sentence of 2-4 years, but could be as long as 15 years because the crime was committed with a gun. ...more

There is a study to be done on the impact that social media might be having on the MSM coverage. ...more

Scared Sleepless

 I am not the greatest sleeper in the world.  According to my husband(s), I toss and turn and jerk and spin.  I will admit to being a light sleeper…which is funny because I was the kindergartener that fell asleep before my mom could feed me lunch.  But for all its lightness…I love to sleep....more

Will "Schoolgirl Killer" Karla Homolka Be Pardoned for Her Unthinkable Crime?

Karla Homolka, the "Schoolgirl Killer," is eligible for a pardon, and allegedly planning to apply as early as July 5. The woman who helped her husband Paul Bernardo rape, torture and murder three schoolgirls, including her own sister, is hoping to get her criminal record cleansed. If Canadian law remains unchanged, she's likely to get it -- and if it wasn't for a child molester, we might not even know. ...more

I could not agree more.

It's bad enough that she got a good deal in a plea bargain, only ...more

Supreme Court to Suspects: Speak Up for Your Miranda Rights -- Be Silent!

Every fan of police dramas knows the routine. As a suspect is being arrested, police officers slap the cuffs on and say, "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law ... " In some scenes, after they go through the whole routine, including the right to counsel, an officer will say something like, "Do you understand these rights as I have explained them to you?" eliciting a nod or a grunt of assent.  ...more

Yes, you are right about Kagan. There's a long history of Justices voting differently than one ...more

Murder: My Preference for Knives

As some of you may know, a person was murdered a few houses down a few months ago while Hubs was away on business. This was a big deal for me because we do not live in, what I would call, a sketchy neighborhood by any stretch.  Within walking distance is our beautiful Downtown area and multiple parks. I have never, previous to this murder or currently, felt unsafe. Heck, the only reason I lock my door is because Hubs insists on it....more

(VIDEO) Police Shoot a Seven-Year-Old in the Head: How Does This Happen?

Detroit television stations, including WXYZ, as well as the city's newspapers, report a story that chills parents' and grandparents' bones: A seven-year-old girl asleep in her grandmother's home Sunday was shot in the head by police. The child is dead. ...more

The Michigan State Police is one of the most trusted organizations in Michigan - higher trust ...more

Release of Malcolm X's Assassin Revives Old Questions

The only man to confess to being one of the assassins of human rights leader Malcolm X walked out of a New York City correctional facility this week....more

Malcolm X is one of my greatest inspirations. I believe he was a man able to face his mistakes, ...more

What We Can Do to Stop Child Prostitution in the United States

If you haven't already read the story of the 15-year-old Trenton, New Jersey girl who allegedly prostituted herself and her 7-year-old stepsister, prepare to be outraged. But then I hope you will join me in raising your voice and taking action, because this tragic case, unfortunately, is one of many. ...more

Thank you so much for this excellent article on child trafficking and child prositution in the ...more

Home Security System – Luxury or Necessity?

I always thought that having a home security system was for the wealthy and materialistic.  Although we lock our house when we leave, I never give a thought to leaving my possessions behind.  Things are things and can be replaced.  Last year, however, a piece of chilling local news caught my attention and suddenly I found myself seeing home security in a whole new light. ...more

Just my opinion, but I would not use motion detectors! Motion detectors are usually used to ...more

After Allegedly Interfering in a Domestic Violence Dispute, Should Gov. David Paterson Resign?

New York Governor David Paterson yesterday defied mounting calls for his resignation amid fresh revelations from the New York Times about the efforts he reportedly made to get a woman to drop domestic violence charges against one of his close aides....more