All You Need To Know About NYC Criminal Attorneys!

Penal law, which is most commonly known as the criminal law is a particular body of law which is related to crime. The law regulates the social conduct and also bans actions that are harmful, threatening or endangering to safety, health, property, and the moral welfare. The section of criminal law also contains the punishment for people that violates the laws.What are criminal lawyers?...more

3 More Ways Criminals use influence to steal

Criminals use six basic principles to influence and steal. In the first post we discussed:...more

3 Ways Criminals influence to steal

Criminals use six basic principles of Influence to steal. In this post we will discuss the first 3. The ability to influence boils down to science. By applying some science, anyone can learn to be more influential. It’s easy to influence sheep and cattle. It’s a bit more complicated to influence people. But many people can be influenced as easy as a cow. Criminals understand this the same way sales people do. The derivative of “confidence” is con. All influence in some way is designed to gain your confidence and in some cases to trick you. That’s where “confidence trick” comes from....more

5 Smart Ways to Protect Your Home from Dumb Burglars

Having been a home security expert for years, I am always amazed at how dumb criminals could be, but there’s always a homeowner they can outwit, such as in the case below:...more

Career Criminal - Laughing at the System

Career criminal Tracy Lloyd Caza must be laughing at the justice system while the rest of us are hanging our heads or raising our fists. With 78 convictions notched on his belt he continues to whip us all....more

Stranger Danger 101

Stranger Danger 101 Tonight I had one of those feelings that I needed to have a conversation with my son about the "real" world. I don't know what brought the feeling on, but I attempted to address it as best I could. My son is in cub scouts and a few months ago, while reading through the manual, I took mental note of a section teaching kids about lurking dangers in today's society....more

Back to Oxford, back to civilisation .... apart from Naughty George honking

Hello Dahlink, I am so sorry that I haven't been around for most of the Christmas period. I was like a flitting social butterfly, spending most of my Christmas and New Year flapping between northern cities beginning with 'L'. My last post talked about me leaving Leeds at Christmas, and then I went back to Oxford for a day or two, after which I left for Loughborough to celebrate New Year. ...more

Grown Up Bullies: The Legal Remedies of Adult Bullying

The Abusive Boss Have you ever been physically ill at the mere thought of going to work?...more

Insurance and iPhones ....... It's a Weary Path

Sometimes I can be a bit clumsy. When I say a bit clumsy, that is probably a bit of an understatement thinking about it. Cast your mind back ten years, when there was mass hysteria about the millennium bug wreaking havoc on the world. It was predicted that computers would explode, aircraft would plummet to the ground, radio alarm clocks would start blinking, and the whole planet would be plunged into darkness because of power outages. Oh yeh, allegedly the 'bug' was going to result in dead people littering the streets. And if that wasn't enough, the pundits then said that mob looting would be commonplace, and therefore the remaining populace would be machine-gunned by trigger happy cops. Not in the UK of course, that would be uncivilised. Us mobbers would be truncheoned to death. ...more

Hi Amy,

Yes I must admit that I did feel like a bit of a crim. But their service was ...more

Sexual Offenders or Predators in Your Neighborhood?

When was the last time you checked to see if any sexual offenders or predators live in your area? Or, have you ever checked? You hear about this on the news yet, many people never bother to look up this information. Sexual offenders and predators are living amongst us everyday, yet most of us don't bother looking them up. ...more