Autism Awareness? “House Rules” Provides Insights and Provokes a Mother's Fears

A friend asked whether “House Rules” by Jody Picoult reflects my family’s experience with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Picoult not only illuminated some of my life, she also roused a latent fear about what would happen if my adult son encountered the criminal justice system....more

The Scott Sisters of Mississippi: Social Justice Meets Social Media

If you should find yourself falsely accused and facing prison time or worse -- in prison serving time for a crime you did not commit or for a crime you committed but received an excessively harsh sentence -- you'll need a good attorney. Almost as much as an attorney, however, you may need social activists who understand social media to take up your cause. That's what the Gray-Haired Witnesses and other activist groups have done for two sisters, Gladys and Jamie Scott. They've taken up the cause of seeing the women freed from prison. ...more

That is the prosecutor's and sheriff's version of the facts in a county with a more