Can We Love Another Completely?

“We can love completely—even without complete understanding…” Remembering last year… One of my daughters Shattered , Pieces flew everywhere Slapping everyone in the face Shocking Freezing Thwarting all attempts to love her. We were all in agony Our fierce love was as ineffective as  a noodle arrow which could not pierce through  to her heart....more

Tearful, Joyful Gratitude

I pause, stopping  tense business, the gardening, chores, the typing  to think of what I am grateful for. As soon as the word gratitude rises up, tears spring to my eyes because I am acutely aware of the fragility of life after almost loosing a daughter in childbirth and now a younger brother-in-law soon to cancer...more

Is This A Crisis?

This morning I misunderstood something my friend Audra said, and ended up saying something that I shouldn’t have.She very gently pointed out what I’d done, and I apologized.Over. And over. And over.By the end, I wasn’t even apologizing for what I’d said; I was apologizing for annoying her, for always being wrong, and for just plain being myself. This, amid protestations from her that it was fine, that she wasn’t upset, that she hadn’t communicated clearly in the first place....more

Time out.

“Guest and fish smell after three days”, my Grandpa used to say. After a week of having my ex in town for a visit, I made the realization that most people aren’t designed for constant 24/7 contact with another person – or maybe that I wasn’t. Either way, the end of the visit marked three things; one, I had spent the past 4 months preparing for a visit that I had hoped would be so incredibly significant that it’s occasion would clear the fog obscuring my life’s direction....more

Vegan in a Crisis

I'm in New York, and as I type the entire population is out buying all the water, chips and batteries in the few stores that are still open. Actually, they'd better hurry up because all the transportation will be shut down in 30 minutes.They're all preparing for Hurricane Irene, which is supposed to hit New York in about 12 hours....more

Alone vs Lonely (Part II)

While writing "All Alone" earlier this week, my fingers actually kept tap-tap-tapping away. And I looked up, and the sun had not only set, it was pitch dark outside. And a whole story had poured out. The post was so long I had to chop it in half, wrap up my thoughts and finish it in this post. ...more

Tucson: A Vivid Reminder of the Mental Healthcare Crisis in America

I have to say that I have been appalled at the capitalization of the Tuscon, AZ tragedy for political purposes. Even more disturbing than that is the fact that the mental illness factor was so terribly overshadowed by politicians trying to attach the shooter’s motive to Sarah Palin or the Tea Party or the Right-Wing Republicans, rather than face the real, hard-core issue which is the mental health crisis in America. ...more

I Feel the Need: Crisis v. Sojourn? (Possibly)

How did I get here? What I mean is, how did I get to where I am now? To this very point in my life? How did I come to be a wife and mother and payroll administrator? It's been a long journey and it seems even longer looking backwards. Mundane times. Happy times. Family times. Solo times. Work. Play. A few regrets. Typical. All in all, not much to complain about. Sure, I dream of a nicer house, better furniture, a maid and of course, a Mercedes with creamy white leather seats. But, oh well. What are you gonna do?...more

What the Neighbor Girls Did

This is a post about loss and riches. About tears despite immense gratitude. And about the kind of love for neighbor that binds us all together.   But first, let me tell you a story of how four little girls made a grown woman cry. ...more

A friend on Twitter pointed me to your post, and I just wanted to reach out. I lost my house in ...more

Living Nicely: I'm usually so much "Nicer", but BP is starting to mean "being p----d"!

I had a lighthearted, upbeat post forming in my head when I woke up.Then I read the paper......more