CBS Reporter Lara Logan Hospitalized After "Brutal Sexual Assault" in Egypt

CBS News announced yesterday that Lara Logan, a star reporter known for her coverage of wars and crises, suffered a brutal beating and sexual assault last Friday while reporting on the crowds in Cairo's Tahrir Sqare celebrating the ouster of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. ...more

Thank you for writing about this and I will most definately keep her in my prayers.
What a ...more

Stability vs. Democracy = False Choice

At this time of crisis in the Middle East, thank heavens for great journalists. It is not only journalists of the major networks but also the less watched media outlets and even the “stringers” who are keeping the hopes of democracy and freedom alive for people in Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan, Jordan and many other states. Their hopes and dreams are born of the same ideals that took fruit in America over two centuries ago and we are only a country today because of a free press....more

Battle in Egypt

I have been following what has been unfolding in Egypt for the past few days, stunned and amazed by the protesters. Before this made the news I was in the dark as to how Egyptians were truly feeling about President Mubarak; his reign of oppression and destruction. So, ignorant of the struggles and challenges of the country....more