Perfectionism Is An Insidious Demon…

Perfectionism is an insidious demon that must be fought with every weapon you’ve got.Here’s what’s so tricky about perfectionism: it turns procrastination into a virtue. Because it’s good to have high standards, right? And it’s good to expect the best from your self, right? We want to make things that are beautiful, extraordinary, unique… ...more

To the Waitress Who Congratulated My "Netflix and Chill" Baby

I have to be honest.  Your comment did not offend me nearly as much as it did the man sitting across from least not right away.  I accepted the congratulations and ignored what came after, knowing my baby was far from what you labelled her.  He, however, could not do the same.  What began as a wonderful, giddy "last" date before becoming parents turned into a quiet stare-down as I watched him poke at his wings and ignore his beer.  I asked him what was wrong and he gave me a look as if to say, "are you seriously asking?" ...more

People Don’t Care How Much You Know Unless They Know How Much You Care

 “If you are afraid of being lonely, don’t try to be right.” – Jules Renard ...more

Wilted: The Power of a Mother's Criticism

My mother scolded me on the phone one night for leaving my eight-year old daughter alone while I went to the store and I didn't talk to her for months. I felt the scorch of her judgment in every part of my body. It made me sick, angry, indignant, sorrowful, shamed....more

Handling Criticism and the Internet

This is #2 in of the “10 Pitfalls to Breastfeeding Enjoyment”Chances are have had your fair share of opinion sharing from multiple well-meaning loved ones.  Perhaps it sounded something like this:“Oh, you are still breastfeeding?”...more

When Abuse is Called Criticism

Recently, a beautiful young woman who I admire greatly has been getting more than her fair share of harassment from someone online. Out of respect for her, I won't provide links to her page, unless she'd like me to, but it does bring up an ongoing issue in the creative world. Abuse being called criticism....more

We're Doing It Wrong: Bashing ourselves among friends

I was watching Inside Amy Schumer the other night, and in one of the segments, Amy ran into several girlfriends on the street. They each complimented each other, and the compliment recipient immediately fired back with a self-deprecating rebuttal.-------------------------------------“Amy! Hi! I love your hat!”“Ugh. Are you drunk? I look like an Armenian man ...”-------------------------------------“Ms. Jessica! Congrats on your big promotion biotch!”“I’m gonna get fired in like two seconds ...”------------------------------------...more

I Got My Feelings Hurt on the Internet

Last week, my editors at Woman's Day shouted out one of my blog posts on their Facebook page, and it got a lot of comment. The piece was titled "5 Big Unexpected Bonuses from My Divorce" and it outlined some of the things I've really learned to enjoy about my new single life, such as kid-free weekends and redecorating to my own tastes, etc. The feedback from my readers was mostly positive, but I had a few who jumped on to let me know how selfish I was. Why did I even get married in the first place? Grow up! ...more
I LOVE this advice! A sister writer sent it to me after an angry comment on one of my articles ...more

Is it ok to Criticise?

Some books are just awful.... It is sad, but true. Even sadder, somehow when I start a book, I just have to keep going. I could probably count on one hand the number of times I have not 'seen a book through' to the end. Result.... lots of time reading really BAD books. The question I am asking myself now, at the beginning of this book review adventure; 'Should I be including negative book reviews on Little Miss Kindle?'...more
seizetheabsurd  A good friend has a system, if she is not hooked by page three she puts the book ...more

Silencing that inner voice

Throughout my Motivation Monday posts, I tracked my weight loss journey, from start to finish as I lost more than 30 lbs....more