Unapologetically Yours

; For most of my life, I have been a please-er. I was the kid that would burst in to tears if you so much as said NO to me.  The daughter of two ministers, I knew from a young age that I was to be a good example, so I tried to be the best example.  I became addicted to positive attention and did everything I could to be as perfect as a little kid can be or  a pre-teen, or even in to my teen years. However, we all learn eventually that the road to perfection only leads to madness. ...more

You're not alone. You should check out my profile for a statement that can be viewed very ...more

The 40-Day Inner Mean Girl Cleanse: How It Tangled With My Outer Bitch and Lost

I have a long history of negative self-talk, and, although I have been less harsh with myself in recent years, I still manage to be my own worst bully. So, when I came across The 40-Day Inner Mean Girl Cleanse one afternoon in late August, a six-week course hosted by co-creators Amy Ahlers and Christine Arylo, I thought it was probably a good idea to join up. My very recent commitment to sobriety, thoughts about positive personal revolution, and a strong desire to be kinder to myself made this seem like the right step to take. ...more

Okay, if that load of horse crap didn't drive you to drink, you're well on your way to ...more

Like It Or Lump It: Discussing Your Life on the Internet

I was 17 when I first opened up about the various issues going on in my life in a public forum.  I remember getting some hateful comments, but the majority of people were supportive.  Fast forward almost 10 years, and it almost seems like the tables have turned.  As our lives are shared more and more, outsiders begin to feel the need to critique the goings on in our lives.  By having blogs, twitter accounts, etc., we do technically open ourselves up to the criticism.  We don't, however, open ourselves up to hateful remarks, ignorance, etc....more

I love what you have to say here. I tend to take the same approach to people who leave ...more

A Friend of Boo Radley – The 50th Anniversary of To Kill a Mockingbird

I have read some of the retrospectives and criticisms of To Kill a Mockingbird. July 11, 2010 is the 50th anniversary of the publication of Harper Lee's book, originally published by the J.B. Lippencott Company. I hope that Harper Lee can take some pleasure in still kicking up a bit of dust and fuss with her book. ...more

I absolutely love this book. I also read a book BASED off "To Kill a Mocking Bird" called ...more

Social Promotion the backlash against criticism

How do you feel about somebody receiving a promotion when clearly they didn't deserve it? This person or persons can't communicate effectively, consistently doesn't complete their projects on time or does a substandard job. They have little understanding of the mission, most of the time you see them playing catch up with the help of other staff and yet they get a promotion and an increase in pay. They can barely read, can't spell, their math skills are non-existent and they have done nothing to warrant a promotion other than show up....more

Thanksgiving Subterranean Table Top Blues

by Mare Contrare...more


While these past two days I've been dealing with criticism from my aunt and another person who I don't know very well. At first it made me feel bad because I do have low self esteem and I felt the criticism was unnecessary. But the slogan "live and let live" made me realize that my aunt and this other person are there own people. They have there own journey in this life. Yes it hurts but I don't need to let it consume me. I decided not to say anything to them about there comments and I am going to let it go. ...more

Fringe 13 is Live!

This month's issue of Fringe features sleek new web design, and chic new literature. Here's a gloss of the issue: ...more