Usually I have the good sense to ignore self-righteous bad mouthing in comments but I slipped during the last couple of weeks.  Actually  I made some darn good points and clarified my believes during the exchanges , not that anyone was convinced.  In that sense, it was a complete  exercise in futility....more

FOOD CRITICS & THE AGE OF THE INTERNET: the Inferiority of the Superiority Complex

On this particular Sunday morning in January, with the advent of this very New Year, I found myself reading Michael Bauer’s “Top New Restaurant” selections from the 2010 openings around the Bay Area over my morning cup of coffee. As I was reading, I received my daily email from EaterSF and soon found my way to an article about the latest blow-ups between professional chefs and food critics. Caught up in the drama, I followed the link to the full article, which detailed how several rather nasty interactions between critic and restaurant had triggered public responses from irate chefs, and so on....more

On Silencing the Inner Critic ...

it takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. ee cummings I do rather good long dark nights of the soul ... I keep them fairly quiet, as they frustrate me, I despise them and they never last long.  However I have to allow them, as huge amounts of growth often occur, and I presume that they are the price I pay for pursuing a creative lifestyle; as opposed to a more normal stable and responsible life....more