All You Need to Know About the Yacht Week - Croatia: Part I

Picture you and up to 8 of your closest friends sailing aboard a yacht in the Adriatic Sea. The sun soaking into your skin as you lounge on the deck sipping mimosas while your skipper steers your boat to various exotic marinas. Does this sound like your dream vacation? Would you be shocked to learn that this dream can become a reality for less than $3,000? Then The Yacht Week may be perfect for you. ...more

Croatia Through Wine and Food

There’s always a tipping point, isn’t there?...more

Parenting across cultures

This post is prompted by Tamara from Tamara Like Camera Blog. She wanted to know if there are any differences between being  a mom in Croatia vs being one in USA. I will attempt to satisfy her curiosity in this post. When Tamara asked me if there are any differences between two countries, my first thought was not really. Then I started thinking about it, which is always a dangerous thing. At first glance, I'd like to stay by my initial reply and say not really. After all, being a mom is just that: being a mom....more

Croatian National Parks

Blessed with overwhelming beauty, Croatia is becoming number one destination for world wide travelers....more

Trip that took my breath away!

This year my family and I decided to take a vacation somewhere far away from home. We wanted the thrill of adventure and also to meet some new cultures. Croatia was the perfect option!Dynamic capital city of Zagreb...more

After the Storm: A Croatian woman's experience working for UNHCR after the Balkan War

She stood in the middle of the field. The tall grass rising and delicately blowing with the rhythm of the silent wind. She stood still- unsure of what to do next. Why didn’t she see the signs- the signs reading: CAUTION: BEWARE OF LANDMINES....more

Is New Orleans the Vagina of America? (V-Day and V to the Tenth, part 2)

I said in my post Practicing Presence at V-Day that “I saw .. Eve Ensler weeping in the hallway, carrying a burden …” If you saw what she’s seen, heard what she’s heard, and have been where she's been, then you would know why this is so, that she walks sometimes and weeps. ...more

Thank you for the comments, Virginia and Maria. It was an experience I'll cherish. ...more