Crochet Beach Bag

I have only just discovered Blogher. I know! Where have I been? I was brought here in a roundabout route from a Pinterest pin , about blogging for profit. I'm seriously interested in trying to make an online income as no one seems to want to employ me any more. I still have the same qualifications as I had when I was a working person, but now I am older I'm not such am interetsing proposition. ...more
love your bag... I noticed that simple sleeveless,  open stitched .crocheted baby dresses that ...more

Textured Newborn Beanie 0-3 mo sizing PDF crochet pattern

Just listed this evening!  If your not a Ravelry member, you can purchase directly from my website...takes you right to Paypal.I have listed this pattern at Craftsy, that information is on my sidebar at my website. I have listed this pattern at my Etsy shop  Where the pattern ...more

Adult beanie pdf pattern

Adult Beanie pattern a pdf download Easy and for Bulky/chunky    ...more

Newborn and Preemie Beanies

 Newborn and Preemie Beanies at www.hookedandeyed.comReasonable pricing and flat rate shipping!   Sandy ...more

Blowing the dust off my sewing machine

I decided to pull my sewing machine out of hiding and blow off the dust. Lets see what happened....more

Essential tips for your perfect crochet projects

Be A Crafter xDThese are my collected tips and tricks for a better to best crochet project. You may have found I stated a few of them in my free crochet patterns as suggested techniques to use. So why not make a round up here and share with you all these super helpful tips :)...more

Project A Galore

 Last year I went though the shed/barn shelf once and got rid of broken crap. I've start to go though it and putting things in boxes to yard sale them. ...more

Milking You for Ideas

The doctor thinks that Veronica might have a milk protein sensitivity (we're so trendy!), so I am cutting dairy out of my diet for the next few weeks to see if it helps normalize her tummy.  It's been almost a week and it's been okay so far, but I am a girl who loves her dairy, so I'd appreciate any suggestions, recipes, tips for allergy-friendly restaurant chains, or anything else that you can share with me.  I really hope it helps!...more

Between The Times

Between The Times When I got home from work and running some errands....more

Cutest Exorcism Ever

V was baptized last weekend.  The deacon explained that it's a type of exorcism (first time hearing that for both of us) and I think it may have worked -- she's ditched the 4 AM wake-ups for the week!  I also got a 40-minute, not-on-me nap today.  Glorious!...more