Slow-Cooked Country Ribs with Baked Beans

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Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Sandwiches

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Slow cookers - saving you time, stress and mess!

Crockpots. People LOVE crockpots in the winter, so that they come home to alluring aromas of beef stew and visions of a candlelit dinner that was made while they were away working.  I'm here to tell you that crockpots are more than just a 'once in a while' occurence in my home.  In fact, I use the crock pot at least 4 times per week!Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? How can anyone love stew that much???...more

Crockpot Chicken Burrito Bowls

A Yummy Crockpot Recipe: Italian Meatloaf

Ugh, is it still winter? I’m so over wearing 15 layers of clothes.And snow. I’m so over snow. NO MORE SNOW!Actually, maybe one more snow day would be nice. But that’s it and then I want spring to race on in here and warm the place up!Since it is still so chilly outside, I wanted to share with you one of our favorite winter crockpot meals. The recipe was given to me by my boss and his fabulous wife, so I pretty much think of them every time I make it {thanks Ward and Amanda!!}...more

Eating My Way Through Pinterest: Crockpot Italian Chicken

 I've started a new series on my blog where I'm trying out a bunch of different recipes I've pinned. First up....crockpot italian chicken!Check out the recipe and pictures here!...more

Gluten Free Crockpot Apple Crumble Cake

Do you already have plans for dinner, but know that you’re still gonna want something sweet later?! How about trying dessert IN YOUR CROCKPOT?! I’ll admit,I was sketchy at first too.. On top of that, I was attempting a gluten free dessert, which can be a pain to begin with, but, let me just tell you, this cooked up SO WELL!!! That speaks VOLUMES in the gluten free world, so I’m sure it would be that much more amazing made with a “normal” baking mix.Click here for the recipe:...more

Garlicky Crockpot Roast Beef Sandwiches

Garlicky crockpot roast beef sandwiches await in your slowcooker – just pair with some tots and a salad and supper is done! Get it here!...more

Crockpot Apple Butter

Over the weekend Jen & I took a trip to the apple orchard and I was SO excited to come home and make this crockpot apple butter.It tastes absolutely amazing. I would call it the best thing since sliced bread, but actually its just the best thing to put on sliced bread.Plus.. this is the PERFECT gift to give this holiday season.You will see below that I got 3 pint sized jars out of this batch so that’s 3 gifts I could give for under $5....more