Savory Summer Corn

What a weekend! If you haven't noticed yet by looking around on the blog today, I was a busy girl last Saturday and Sunday. Now that most of my branding is complete, I can finally put it to use. That means I'm pretty much in what I like to refer to as computer hell. Eventually, I will either learn, pay someone else to do it, or just bang my head about fifty times on my keyboard as Brenna stares at me wondering why humans are so screwy....more
Wow ! i can't stop myself to commenting on this post by looking these yummy corns.I will ...more

A Foodie's Take on Freezer Meals: Don't Believe the Hype

Cutting to the chase on freezer meals: Except in limited cases, no. Just, no.First you should know who you're dealing with though. I'm a home cook who has gotten good enough in the kitchen to put on airs and alternatively, throw fits when dishes do not come out just right....more
I'm in agreement about the frozen veggies. Not good!more