A New Mom, A New Disease

I was 7 months pregnant and lying in bed the night of January 14, 2015 when all of a sudden I felt what I describe as a small explosion in my right lower abdomen. I had felt this in a much smaller scale every time I had what I thought were heartburn episodes due to pregnancy . I instantly ran to the bathroom and began getting sick. I drank water and Pedialyte to try and rehydrate myself. I had been to the hospital twice in the last few weeks on suspicion of dehydration (my major complaints being back pain and heartburn) and I refused to go again....more

WTJ Blogger In Residency @HipsterAlice #HAWMC Day 28 The First Time I Walked Again

 After being hospitalized for over 3 1/2 months, it was time for me to get out of bed and start walking again. Having been bed-ridden for so long, I'd not only lost muscle mass, but I'd lost the ability to walk. I could barely get up and move around my bed area.  But part of treatment is making progress. I was in a skilled nursing facility and the goal was that I would be able to get moving again, by starting physical therapy. To prepare for physical therapy, part of the treatment plan included getting me up and out of bed....more

What The Jules Blogger In Residency: Hipster Alice, Day 27 HAWMC

With that in mind, I am focusing my "Top 5 Challenges & Small Victories " on health (both physical and mental) as that is what I've written about in my blog. 5 Challenges1. Living with Chronic Illnessesa.) Crohn's, fibromyalgia, depression and ptsd (See how indecisive I am? I couldn't just pick one illness/disease! Ha!) b.) taking medications: side effects contribute to my fatigue/make me so sleepy and feel like a zombie 2....more