Sadhvi Sez: "The Hundred Foot Journey" and, it's still Summer!

SadhviSummer is not over yet, but seeing all that Halloween stuff in the stores, you might think it's just around the corner - it is not!  It is stil...more

Goodbye Siri

SadhviI thought Icould be strong and keep my silver Motorola phone with the flip top forever....more

Going Back to Simpler Times

SADHVIGetting older is turning out to be more interesting than I thought it would be.  I'm even calling myself an old crone sometimes, just for fun, so I can start to realize that I'm not the young Sadhvi t...more

Ten Things I Hate/Love About Being 59

I'll start with ten things I hate, but it might help to pair them up right away with the corresponding things I love!...more
I like 51 because I am not yet 52. thats pretty much all there is to it.more

Ok, I get it.


A Retiring Mind II

Amoke KubatMove over James T. Kirk, a retiring mind left to its own, totally uninterrupted and undiminished possession, goes beyond the final frontier....more

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