The Lorax 2012 - More than marketing

March 16, 2012 I took my brother to the movies for his birthday. It had been a few years since I did anything for my brother on his birthday, so I decided that I would extend the olive branch and take him out. We went to the movie theater. There wasn't much playing, except for the Lorax. Personally, I was super excited about this movie, since it was my absolute favourite Dr. Seuss book as a child. So we went to see The Lorax made into big screen material (not 3D though......more

Why You Should Cross-Post on BlogHer

Many bloggers dream about a fellow blogger with a much larger amount of traffic and authority on Google linking to their blog. Not only would new people find your writing, but it would raise your blog in status insofar as the Google game is concerned, getting it closer to front page search results. There is a way -- 100% in your control -- to make this happen; to make a bigger site with more traffic link to you. ...more
Today's blog from me: What we really need in a federal forfeiture reform bill – part 2A - ...more