How do I get my groove back?

I am going through a pretty happy phase at the moment.  I'm in a good, happy mood....more
I had the same EXACT thing happen.  I don't think I have much for suggestions, since I'm still ...more

Pull-up Program: Week 8 update - Small Victories

I finished week 8 on Friday and I'm really happy with the progress I've made on the pull-up while doing this program.  Not just because I've seen actual improvements in my quest for the pull-up, but also because I've managed to stay with the program despite holidays, stress, more holidays.......more

Training for the Crossfit Open

This post could be titled "Why I will be puking up a lung in the next 6 weeks" as that is pretty much how I'm envisioning the upcoming few weeks....more

Pull-up Program: Week 7 update

Just a quick update on my continued quest for my first pull-up after the second week of double-black bands.Things are going really well and I think it was absolutely the right decision to move up from one purple to two blacks so that I could do more reps and focus on form.  I've gotten much better at not kicking when I do the pull-up.The table below gives a break down of each day....more

Would you buy your child a Crossfit Barbie?

Yesterday, after finishing the metcon (CINDY in teams - blech! push-ups), we were sitting around chatting after Crossfit. Well, I was supposedly working on my pull-ups but chatting was more fun.  Our coach has a 3 year old daughter and someone asked him what she wanted for Christmas.  His response was "a fish Barbie" which is man-speak for Mermaid Barbie....more

Pull-up Program: Week 5 and 6 - Check your ego at the door!!

Oops, it's been a while since I updated on my ongoing quest for MY FIRST PULL-UP!! It gets capitalized because it is currently my number one life goal..which is either really sad or totally I'm going with awesome....more

Sunday Short-term Goals - A day late

Sorry y’all for being a day late, but I was so excited about moving to just one band on my pull-up program that I forgot to update my goals for this week....more

Pull-Up program: Week 3 and 4 update...and on to Phase II

I am one step closer to my dream of getting the pull-up, but before I get to that, here’s an update on how the pull-up program has been going.  I’ve finished cycle 3 and 4 of the program and we’ve decided to just skip cycle 5 and move down in bands.  Cycle 3 and 4 had good days and bad days. For more details, check out the table below.The highlights:...more

Sunday's Short-term Goals

Last week I started setting short-term weekly goals because I was feeling overwhelmed by all the big goals that I had...I needed to be able to check off some boxes to feel like I was actually getting somewhere. This actually worked out pretty well.  I achieved most of the goals so actually overall feel good about the week. Update on last weeks goals...more...more

New Pull-Up Program (A quest for the pull-up update)

What I have realized this week is that there isn’t going to be some “Cue the Rocky Music, we’ve got ourselves a montage…” moment in my quest for the pull-up.  There’s no fast forward to catchy tunes where all of my pain looks like a dignified quest for greatness. Nope. What there is going to be is me standing under that bar, willing my hands to go up to do just one more banded pull-up than yesterday....more