Pull-Up program: Week 3 and 4 update...and on to Phase II

I am one step closer to my dream of getting the pull-up, but before I get to that, here’s an update on how the pull-up program has been going.  I’ve finished cycle 3 and 4 of the program and we’ve decided to just skip cycle 5 and move down in bands.  Cycle 3 and 4 had good days and bad days. For more details, check out the table below.The highlights:...more

Sunday's Short-term Goals

Last week I started setting short-term weekly goals because I was feeling overwhelmed by all the big goals that I had...I needed to be able to check off some boxes to feel like I was actually getting somewhere. This actually worked out pretty well.  I achieved most of the goals so actually overall feel good about the week. Update on last weeks goals...more...more

New Pull-Up Program (A quest for the pull-up update)

What I have realized this week is that there isn’t going to be some “Cue the Rocky Music, we’ve got ourselves a montage…” moment in my quest for the pull-up.  There’s no fast forward to catchy tunes where all of my pain looks like a dignified quest for greatness. Nope. What there is going to be is me standing under that bar, willing my hands to go up to do just one more banded pull-up than yesterday....more

"My Workout Landed Me in the Hospital with Rhabdo"

Over the last few weeks, I keep seeing CrossFit pop up on social media. News stations are warning of its dangers. CrossFit lovers are lashing out at those who get hurt doing CrossFit and blame the workout. As someone who has never seen CrossFit in action or participated in a workout, it's hard to know what to believe, though I have to admit that hearing that the logo requested by CrossFit's creator is a vomiting clown named Uncle Pukie, it doesn't sound like something this runner and yoga practitioner would enjoy.  I'm not looking to push my body until I vomit when I exercise. ...more
This happened to my son.  Hospitalized in ICU this late June 2013.  Thank God,  I saw the ...more

Get a Better Workout by Incorporating Crossfit Basics


Female Fitness: Why You Aren't Getting Results


Why I'm going back to Crossfit

Crossfit terrifies me.  Every time I go into the building to start a work out, my adrenaline rushes and I have to extricate myself from my vehicle and force myself to go in.  It is not easy to enter a class full of people who are athletic when you are 100 pounds overweight.  It is embarrassing to have the instructor shout out a modified plan for you during class, (or worse, write it on the white board) because there is no earthly way you could even attempt what everyone else is doing.  It’s frustrating w...more
Are you still going to Crossfit?  Your story was so inspirational.  I am 42 and thinking of ...more

Tuesday: Who Knew

That my hanging power cleans were so good!  My HSPU's, not so much.  But I tried.And none of that Paleo stuff.  Cavemen didn't live any longer and they weren't any happier....more

Monday: Sadness in Ounces

My plan for this week goes as follows:Mon: Run x 2 / Tues: Bike and Crossfit / Wed: Run x 2 / Thurs: Bike and Crossfit / Fri: Run...more

CrossFit Super Mom Principle #4

If you are new to the site and would like to review all the CrossFit Super Mom Principles, the links are below.CFSM Principle #1CFSM Principle #2CFSM Principle #3 ...more