When Will I Stop Watching Them Breathe While They Sleep?

When I was a teenager, I babysat for a family who lost their youngest child to SIDS. I didn't know anything about SIDS, but knew that this family had put their healthy infant son to bed one night and he never woke up. It was terribly hard on the family, their lives altered and filled with grief in an instant. As their regular babysitter, it affected me too. I became hyper-vigilant for a long time after, afraid that any of the young children who I babysat would suddenly stop breathing in their sleep. ...more
I could see myself as an 85-year-old and have my 50-something son (currently a 3-year-old) visit ...more


8:50am: I think I hear her. Yep. She's crying. She's sick. Poor baby. I struggle to put my feet to the floor because my body is saying, if you move from this bed I will launch a revolt... try me sister... I dare you....more

As my daughter turns 4, I'm thankful for health care

In less than a week, my firstborn child, my baby girl Ava will turn 4. While this isn't often considered a major milestone, it is still very dear to my heart, being her mother and all. It got me thinking about how good we have it here in North America. I feel fortunate to live in a country where we have access to things such as clean water, nutritious food and medical care. ...more

 When my daughter was about 5, she got the flu. It was one of the worst cases ever. She ...more