The Art of Asking: How can musicians make use of crowdfunding effectively?

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Will Women Crowdfunding Sites Help Shape History?

When families in the typical American home were polled by the Pew Research Center on who makes the decisions in a number of household areas – including family finances – women came out ahead:...more

Helping beat cancer !

Hello my lovely followership , todays post for my NaBloPoMo will be something close to my heart – beating cancer! Having seen some of my close ones battle this monstrous disease,  I have felt quite strongly about supporting the search for a cure ever since! I am lucky enough to have friends who are working on on the forefront, trying to defeat cancer on a daily basis. Currently one of my friend (and her colleagues) works on how the enemy (skin cancer) can defy,manipulate and ultimately defeat the defending soldiers of our bodily fortress (the immune system)....more

Crowdfunding A Movement – Or Company, Product, Service Or Dream:

Can 'men founders' apply for funding on Plum Alley or is it for female founders only?  It would ...more

Activist Needs Help In Her Final Days

Cathy is 61 years old. Her professional career has spanned nearly four decades in a rural community just outside of Pittsburgh. As she faces her final days with a diagnosis of end stage pancreatic cancer, she finds herself without the financial means to pay for her final expenses - a funeral, gravesite and a headstone.What Cathy does have are wonderful friends, her "family of choice" which has rallied to raise the money before Cathy passes so she can leave this world with peace of mind. ...more