Listening to Whale Songs

I am listening to whale songs tonight. I read an interesting article on the Mother Nature Network recently, located here  which asks for people to listen to the recorded whale songs to help scientists analyze and match up songs from Orcas and Pilot Whales in an attempt to determine the different dialects. Pretty cool, huh?...more

Governor Gregoire Crowdsources Washington Budget- Now What?

A few months ago Washington Governor Chris Gregoire crowdsourced ideas for transforming the state budget. According to my favorite quickie reference guide Wikipedia, crowdsourcing is the act of outsourcing tasks, traditionally performed by an employee or contractor, to a large group of people or community (a crowd), through an open call....more

Defining Basic Social Media Terms

Social media is how we connect with each other -- and with companies and brands -- online. These days every marketing plan includes social media; to ignore it would be to ignore a significant portion of your audience. But what is social media? How do you use it? Where do you start? The first step is understanding the terms associated with social media. Here are some of the common terms of social media. This list is by no means exhaustive and I would love to have your suggestions or questions about these and other terms in the comments of this post....more

As I grow my site, this will definitely help! I'm always up for learning more ways to get my ...more

How to Do Crowd-Sourcing Right

Last week I attended the Annual Meeting of the IAB -- the trade organization for online publishers and advertisers. I was particularly inspired by the opening keynote, provided by PepsiCo's Chief Engagement Officer, Frank Cooper. Just his title alone made me think that the company (a BlogHer sponsor and advertiser) has been rethinking media from the inside out. ...more

I always wondered what I liked about that video. Of course, Courney Cox was a plant--that ...more

Crowdsourcing Social Change: Who Gets to Vote?

I've written a lot lately about contests here in the United States that are focused on "social media for social media."  Source: Ennovent ...more

I don't know the answer, Beth but I love that you are asking these questions and asking ...more

Work In Progress...Forever {Why I changed my blog}

I just finished the new version of The{Naked}Elephant blog. The process so far has been very exciting. The improvements, the growing, the learning, the mistakes... all of it. Now that we have gone through all this transformation I thought it would be cool to share what's behind it and make you part of the whole thing, after all, this is about sharing, right? ...more

Ten Tips For Better Sex in 2009

“Did you know that 71 percent of guys would rather have great sex occasionally than not-so-hot sex all the time?” Simone asked me, paging through the February issue of Cosmopolitan. “Let me see that,” I said, reaching out and scanning the cover of the magazine. “I'm writing an article about how to improve our sex lives.” Simone turned a page, “well, if anyone can write that, it's you.” “Actually...” I started, but I trailed off. The truth is that I need a guide more than anyone. ...more

Ever tried natural herbs or forms of aphrodisiacs to help improve your sex life?  Mainly your ...more

Moving From Me to We

For fresh ideas and success stories on how to accomplish more with others - and become happier and higher-performing together see the blog+podcast, Moving From Me to We. ...more